the new iCarly is utterly bizzare...

  • Ryan Wilson
    Ryan Wilson

    IDK, but this iCarly is just flat. There's nothing there.

  • Failattemp011

    Freddie looks more like 11 and 37 at the same time

  • Gamaliel Turcios
    Gamaliel Turcios

    It's still feels a little empty without Jennette McCurdy in it but I still like the reboot I would say it's decent I like it. It's understandable if Jennette doesn't want to come back. And if she does comeback. Let's hope they fix her character Sam and change that and not use her eating disorder against her character Sam. Because that really affected her. I feel bad for Jennette McCurdy. She's suffered a lot. Maybe if her character gets changed a little bit she could comeback. Make her character less wild and less meaner.

  • tasnim sneha
    tasnim sneha

    Ow boi... You have such a beautiful relationship with "Riverdale" 🥴

  • Jamera

    I feel like Freddie should’ve been the one that became rich and Spencer should be divorced with a step child. Spencer always dated in the original show and was trying to get with someone, meanwhile Freddie is very smart and was considered a prodigy.

  • Trisha Shankar
    Trisha Shankar

    Why are you the most relatable person......

  • Erika L Garcia
    Erika L Garcia

    The laugh track is SO cringe! Is this show still for baby brained children? and if it is why would any kids now care to watch this?! Lame.

  • Jay Williams
    Jay Williams

    I’m surprised they didn’t try to bring back Sam she was a good character of the show

    • Jay Williams
      Jay Williams

      @BlackRoosterOfficial that’s a shame

    • BlackRoosterOfficial

      They did try and she didn’t want to do it cause she says she hates acting and doesn’t plan on acting ever again

  • -strawberry-

    I honestly don't even consider this show part of the iCarly universe, my childhood doesn't deserve this cruel fate

    • Montel Helem
      Montel Helem

      @-strawberry- I feel bad for them lol

    • -strawberry-

      @Montel Helem i have very nice parents so eh

    • Montel Helem
      Montel Helem

      I'm sure your childhood was shitty anyways lol

  • Procrastination

    Wow I'm amazed that this is somehow worse than I would have expected it to be

  • LordConnord

    4:50 you can't tell me we're acting like as if she's hot

  • LordConnord

    4:49 thats what parties are for every girl

  • Tavi Your Neighborhood Artist
    Tavi Your Neighborhood Artist

    Yeah Freddy looks weird xD

  • erica walker
    erica walker

    What happened to Sam?

    • Ryan Wilson
      Ryan Wilson

      Jennette McCurdy quit acting

  • Tt A
    Tt A

    I found it a little ugh. I hate the fact that they still use the POC/black obnoxious side character just there for laughs and to be loud. I thought we left that in 2000s to 2013 Disney/Nickelodeon.

  • journalofthewils _
    journalofthewils _

    Spencer’s story about Jericho the Falcon sounds like it came right out of the original show

  • Lushelle

    It upsets me as this isn’t an adult show, but it’s marketed as it is. They have the occasional swears, but the show is holding onto its childish things. For example, carly trying to break into that woman’s office as an adult, scheming and stuff- while she was right, the way it was portrayed is very old icarly ways and the acting was childish. There aren’t moments where the characters connect over sadness, or even happiness tbh. I do like the show, but it hasnt changed

  • AyStaxX REACTS
    AyStaxX REACTS

    i remember you at 260k bro ... congrats on the success

  • Jake Coleman
    Jake Coleman

    I know this show whould not sure alexs chanel but it would be hilarious to see him wach Derry girls

  • George Raul Asimionesei
    George Raul Asimionesei

    Series are getting worse and worse... I am glad I am not watching TV anymore

  • Mckan Backman
    Mckan Backman

    2:57 Literally JonTron in a nutshell

  • Fear street nerd
    Fear street nerd

    this isn’t even kid friendly now bruh ofc kid reboots aren’t kid friendly

  • Fear street nerd
    Fear street nerd

    they could’ve rebooted a whole 4 decades of shows but they chose Icarly

  • VLOGS with FITZ
    VLOGS with FITZ

    Im trying to like it and I just don't find it all that great. I feel like Spencer is the only entertaining one now

  • Dante Mishima
    Dante Mishima

    I don't know what this is. iCarly it is not. None of the reboots are necessary.

  • Viewer Online101
    Viewer Online101

    Its got (most of) the characters of the original show, but none of the charm. Honestly, it feels like a mediocre fanfiction story that they decided to make into a new show.

  • Heavy

    How's Paramount get Keanue Reeves and Bre Larson?

  • J Lupus
    J Lupus

    this is making me regret my childhood i wanna pretend Thanos snapped me out while this show was happening

  • Star Gazing
    Star Gazing

    I watched the revival for Freddie and his daughter and Freddie and his daughter alone

  • Daniel Watches
    Daniel Watches

    if you find out the unlock password you can unlock every other password easily

  • Samara Teràn
    Samara Teràn

    I used to hate this guy but now I love he’s videos

  • Rose Marry
    Rose Marry

    Sam was the best I hate how they got rid of her

    • Ryan Wilson
      Ryan Wilson

      They didn't get rid of her, Jennette mcCurdy did

  • Julie Gutierrez
    Julie Gutierrez

    You should watch I am Frankie

  • Kyla Fallon
    Kyla Fallon

    04:00 as a 28 year old flight attendant, who lived back to my hometown after living in Mexico and China in my early 20’s who is engaged to a 21 year old, I feel so attacked.

  • Kyla Fallon
    Kyla Fallon

    I think they should have recast Sam.

  • Pierre-alexandre

    the monoluques are to long it has to speed up.

  • cxd3_ nxm3_x
    cxd3_ nxm3_x

    Does anyone actually like the icarly reboot like I do??? All I've seen is hate

  • Skullk's Sounds
    Skullk's Sounds

    Sam dodged a major bullet

  • Ohmygod Whatever
    Ohmygod Whatever

    They do realize that we’re in our early to mid 20s right? The skin care anti aging thing bit was a flop because I don’t think that’s a thing for us yet

    • Fran Z
      Fran Z

      talk about you girl, I'm doing skincare since 19

  • Caroly Peña
    Caroly Peña

    speaking of girl meets world... when are you gonna do it?

  • Abigail Heberle
    Abigail Heberle

    Watch swapped

  • Marianna Kladeftira
    Marianna Kladeftira

    Am I the only one that wonders where Sam is in this whole reunion

  • Joshelle Mojica
    Joshelle Mojica

    His daughter is named Millicent lol

  • Xiklot

    do you watch jojo bizzare adventure

  • U Cannot Defeat My Shmeet
    U Cannot Defeat My Shmeet

    Ok so it turns out everyone did the icarly video

  • Anthony Lee
    Anthony Lee

    I like it but it's not following the whole point of the show which is Carly webshow I Carly lol

  • Krisztián Győrfi
    Krisztián Győrfi

    3:57 the best line I've ever heard

  • Julie Perriello
    Julie Perriello

    9:06 He really called out ProZD. Not that I wasn’t thinking the same thing…

  • Payton Johnson
    Payton Johnson

    If they don't get Sam back for season 2 (I heard they were still in talks with her), then the show won't last.

  • Super Man the second
    Super Man the second

    2:54 tell that to Bill wurtz

  • emile khoury
    emile khoury

    Ur such a jerk u hate everything but don't u think ur yt channel isn't weird either?🙄

  • Haley Marenco
    Haley Marenco

    the picture of the guy with the pringles his channelis actually funny

  • dead meme
    dead meme

    5:51 cliche kid knowing everything about the internet and being super tech savvy and trendy

  • Awesome Boy
    Awesome Boy

    Where can I stream It

  • Stevie L'Queen
    Stevie L'Queen

    Thought you would love the “oh look! Someone said something negative about a tv show you liked as a child!” Joke in the 3rd episode 🤣

  • Shine_Spiked ?
    Shine_Spiked ?

    Jannette made the right choice

  • Justin Madera
    Justin Madera

    Never saw your videos before i was not expecting to laugh my ass off at this

  • Harlan Spinelli
    Harlan Spinelli

    Why do so many people think this is good? It’s trying to have the same humor as the original but the delivery is so monotone and it’s so hard to watch.

  • Brian Booker
    Brian Booker

    Carly's ex-boyfriend looks like Kylo Ren from Star Wars.

  • crystal-fever

    I overall like it though it's cringy at times

  • Alex Bologna
    Alex Bologna

    These reboots are just so tiring. I'm not interested in seeing child stars cussing and making adult jokes. These shows were great when I was a kid, but these shows are just too childish, stale yet overstimulating for me now.

  • Yukosan13

    Honestly, the writing feels like old Icarly just toned down (making it less funny) but I'm more impressed at how the cast hasn't aged a day 😅 Carly could easily play a teenager or a college student.. and Freddie's sad excuse for facial hair is just hiding the fact that Nickelodeon's green slime must have anti aging properties 😏

  • CAS

    Oh god I can't stop cringing

  • Monoho

    I haven't watched this new iCarly show but I can tell it's cheesy and cringy af.

  • Alolan Raichu weeb
    Alolan Raichu weeb

    What the fuck is going on-? /gen

  • Someone :3
    Someone :3

    I haven’t seen the new icarly before. I NEVER knew there was one

  • S0ldier0fG0d96

    I lost 1 brain cell for ever I Carly reboot clip you showed on this video

  • Marissa Bones
    Marissa Bones


  • EddyGraphic

    While not as good as the original it is still a lot more digestible than the 2021 version of Gossip Girl that one is just straight cringy.

  • spacedope

    04:01 🤣

  • Excalibur

    Guys Francesca Ramsey wrote the script for this show no wonder it’s so horribly written

  • Milkstache 44
    Milkstache 44

    Well yes they do need to establish that Spencer is rich. This whole video is dumb. Please take it down. Thank you

  • Theresa Cherco
    Theresa Cherco

    Yep they took a childhood show and made it about 20 and 30-year-olds that are miserable 😖


    How have yall noticed how he doesn't call shows Dumb anymore? He calls em *bizarre*

  • slice pie
    slice pie

    its just not the same reboots always are bad

  • Harmen G
    Harmen G

    God its so awkward

  • Evan Barrett
    Evan Barrett

    5:42 it’s Millicent I’m sorry if I spelled that wrong, which I probably did

  • Black Phoenix
    Black Phoenix

    Another day, another pointless revival. No wonder why Jeannette McCurdy avoided this crap like the plague.

  • phanfinger

    Ahah no thank you

  • Oopieeee

    did u just disrespect ProXD????? i-

  • real star
    real star

    Really do love Riverdale?

  • Jessica

    You can’t deny Harper was such a good cast and you don’t even notice Sam is gone. They keep that door open.

  • -files not found-
    -files not found-

    Alex you said its cute that the makers of the show think you can stop uploading from youtube and your audiance will stay for noob3 that is the case

  • KingBigbird Gaming
    KingBigbird Gaming

    man im getting old

  • L.A. Smith
    L.A. Smith

    i would've loved the "daughter of Carly wanting to be a youtuber" show

  • Miraculous Harliebug
    Miraculous Harliebug

    Is it utterly bizarre like utterly Chloe??? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ryan

    maybe you should express yourself more respectful

  • Chavon Hawthorne
    Chavon Hawthorne

    I personally like it lowkey. It feels like a Friends type sitcom of my time.

  • Hamon Raw
    Hamon Raw

    First video I have watched from this dude I’m already hooked

  • Yazmyn

    This was so painful to watch. At least I know not to watch it

  • VivaToddVegas

    There's not enough of iCarly (the show within the show) in the new iCarly.

    • Kennede Washington
      Kennede Washington


  • ShadowmarkReturns

    I was wondering what Miranda was up to these days.

  • Mattookarutou izādo
    Mattookarutou izādo

    Imma have to strongly agree with this one.

  • Sebastian Sullivan
    Sebastian Sullivan

    This makes me depressed to watch it’s like my soul is being sucked out with a vacuum cleaner

  • A Strawberry
    A Strawberry

    A strawberry approved. *y o u* *g o t t a* *s w i t c h* *i t* *u p* *o n* *a* *b i t c h*

  • Shaya

    Honestly, after watching the first couple episodes I was really impressed by how well written the show is. I was never super into it as a kid, but I'm loving the reboot.

  • ProNS_Gaming

    Here he looks like an 8th grader on riverdale🤣

  • Tony Simonetti
    Tony Simonetti

    Why didn’t they use a louder/better laugh track or the same one as the original?

  • Funkin gamer l. f.
    Funkin gamer l. f.

    4:30 Hahahaaaaah

  • koolbrayden 21gaming
    koolbrayden 21gaming

    0:01 me i do