Cruel Summer is kinda dumb...

  • Alex Meyers
    Alex Meyers

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    • Heaven Kane
      Heaven Kane

      First time not agreeing with your assesment.....strange....Please continue watching.

    • DODA Pictures
      DODA Pictures

      Could you review Just Like Heaven?

    • noname alho
      noname alho

      hey could you make a video about The Owl house, steven universe or even some anime like Black clover, Boku no hero academia, Erased, Viollet Evergarden or Mob psycho?

    • Jessica Harwood
      Jessica Harwood

      Can you do clueless that would be hilarious

    • dbzcupcake

      1:51 to be fair its the first day of summer she's probably waking up at like 11 or sometime past noon 🙃

  • sadako

    Love the show, just watched it finish

  • Piers Nivans
    Piers Nivans

    Very bold, very brash.

  • nebrasca


  • let's get this bread
    let's get this bread

    the ending made SO much sense to me because i couldn’t shake the feeling that janette was a little weirdo, even though i was rooting for her. the way she lingered and watched kate could have be seen as a shy girl who really admired and wanted to be friends, but ALSO could be a little stalkishy. anyways, i chose to believe that she was just shy and went with it but in the end my gut filling was right. she is a creep.

  • vikaziza

    If you know anything, call the police. Imagine all those people who knows something about something calling to the police

  • Meagan

    the timeline changes are actually pretty cool, they're easily decipherable by the hair changes, wardrobe and the tone/color changes on camera. first ep could be confusing but the more you watch the easier it is to understand, i think

  • Alex

    you're literally an old man lmfaooooo

  • Hazel Grayson
    Hazel Grayson

    your actually kInDa DuMb!!!!

  • Devaprabha

    "the opposite of love is not hatred it's indifference " that hit me like a train

  • Ace Degenerate
    Ace Degenerate

    It's a good show you effing snob.

  • Corgan Hammond
    Corgan Hammond

    Bruh,cruel summer was so addicting,not to hate,but you didn't even wait for a review of the full show,I mean,I get that the show was a bit awkward at first,but it turned out reaaally good,and plus we got Olivia holt so yeah :)

  • Waffle 316
    Waffle 316

    This girl looks 12 but she’s like 15 while some shows and movies have a 11 year old protagonist but she looks 18

  • Ashmajstic7

    I didn't like that there was three time lines nor did I like Jeanettes acting. I still kept watching it though because I wanted to know the truth.

  • Rei Joon Y
    Rei Joon Y

    Silent Bob's kid is in this show, lol

  • Hailey McNabb
    Hailey McNabb

    I gotta say, they really nailed the awkward 15 year old girl look cuz that is 1000% what I looked like.

  • Sola Odewole
    Sola Odewole

    I didn’t know who to like in this show and by the end I hated most of them

  • Ashley _flores
    Ashley _flores

    i take this offensive

  • Tristan Dimitrijev
    Tristan Dimitrijev

    Whats with the entertainment inustry and ra*ism.LIKE OMG stop it get some help

  • Chelleis crazy
    Chelleis crazy

    I really wanted to know if this show was worth me wasting time before i watched it

  • Colored Pandas
    Colored Pandas

    This show confuses me so much, and I've tried watching the first episode, but I kept falling asleep each time so I guess that would explain my confusion 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Neltins

    dude i just subscribed to hulu and watched cruel fucking summer, this show is so ffucking out there, so fucking stupid I couldn't believe my eyes... and them telling everything out of chronological order trying to seem cool made it so lame & confusing

  • Miraculously Zoe
    Miraculously Zoe

    Cruel summer pg-13 Me:under 13 and I love with this show

  • Monica Diaz
    Monica Diaz

    This came out on my birthday

  • Alus Jones
    Alus Jones

    5:37 me to my gf

  • Pickle Rick
    Pickle Rick

    you should do lab rats, ravens home, or baby daddy

  • Kishore Singaraja
    Kishore Singaraja

    6.12 minute movie name bro

  • AlienTitiMilk

    Surprisingly this was probably the most well written shows I’ve seen in a while, you can tell the writers put effort and attention to detail into every inch of the story tying up every plot thread, even for scenes that they probably could’ve ignored.

  • Chris DeLaRosa
    Chris DeLaRosa

    Your video made me wanna watch it and I just finished it and I actually kinda liked it. I’d watch a season 2 of Cruel Summer

  • Nicholas Sinis
    Nicholas Sinis

    I wonder who was telling the truth. This show sounds kinda interesting

  • Maxsilverfish Gaming
    Maxsilverfish Gaming

    Alex: She realizes that has actually fully become the thing she wanted to destroy the whole the time Me: Hey me don't say it, have some self-control. not everything has to be a Starwars reference Me one thought process later: YOU HAVE BECOME THE VERY SAME THING YOU SWORE TO DESTROY!

  • Xenofan Allen
    Xenofan Allen

    Pilot was gripping but after that it was painfully boring teenagers are lame you just can't make them interesting. Maybe it just went over my head idk just didn't click with me.

  • Stxrglare

    just finished the series and oml the ending was mind blowing

  • ianne Singkeey
    ianne Singkeey

    are u allowed to do Chronicles of Narnia? Or the other Harry Potter movies?

  • Joelle Weir
    Joelle Weir

    All I can say is that Jeanette is SO CREEPY

  • Kay Triciaa
    Kay Triciaa

    Alex tell us you actually finished the show???

  • SmilingSanja

    Please please could you do a review about Sweet Tooth on Netflix? Would be so curious what you have to say about it 😄😂

  • SanitysRebellion

    “(This purse) will definitely solve my self-esteem issues.” Me, who just bought a new purse: Listen….

  • megatron boy6900
    megatron boy6900

    is it good? it kinda looks interesting

  • Sammy Land
    Sammy Land

    “YOUVE SEEN HOW POORLY YOUR FATHER PULLS OUT OF A GARAGE” FREAKIN SENT ME HAHAHAHAH i’m 8 months pregnant bc of this exact situation

  • jav

    Jaime looks like Dr Mike

  • Barely Noticeable
    Barely Noticeable

    Just pointing out the trend (in case you were unable to notice which I doubt you had trouble but figured it would help if you didn’t) that your best performing videos are the ones where you did videos on nostalgic content (or otherwise very popular content) because your videos allow us to essentially rewatch the tv show/movie


    Cruel Summers was the only actual show my mother would watch, and i have no idea why.

  • DippityBerry

    If I have morning brew in 1 year I’ll get 365 smarter

  • charmedpowerbabe

    Can u please do claok and dagger?

  • Jennifer Iyke
    Jennifer Iyke

    Can you please review "The Promised Neverland"

  • Vanessa Elizabeth
    Vanessa Elizabeth

    No, it’s not!! Just had to say that before I start the video. 😌

  • Savvy

    So the parents waking her up for her birthday and it’s all happy and unrealistic was done way better by Gilmore Girls because they have the eccentric Lorelei waking Rory up at the time she was born, crawls in bed with her and tells the infamous birth story while Rory groans and is half asleep lol.

  • Kate Seal
    Kate Seal

    Y’know Olivia Holt (the girl who plays Kate Wallis) is 23 but somehow can manage to look any age.

    • the world may never know
      the world may never know

      She looked tooold to be playing a teen

    • stfu miaya
      stfu miaya

      She’s only 23!?! I thought she was a little older

  • African princess
    African princess

    This is making me dread the day I'm gonna have to turn 15

  • TwerkfromHome

    Actress who plays Jeanette kinda sucks.

  • J. Will
    J. Will

    Fuck this actually seems interesting, I want to watch it now 🙄

  • Melanie ig
    Melanie ig

    Nah cuz Kate done killed Martin and I really thought Annabelle was a person- Turns out she was a gun.

  • Glâm Gîrl854
    Glâm Gîrl854

    I wanna follow the story of this show but I'm too busy rewatching all the regular show episodes 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Air

    I thought the show was interesting. From the first moment when Jeanette starts lying to the teacher in his house...I knew she’d be the bad guy. Then she keeps lying and is obsessed with popularity. Plus, her friend Mallory keeps calling her a creep. Then you find out the truth about Mallory, and I was confused, because the show made it seem like Jeanette was a victim, BUT HOT DAMN...that last moment with the song Creep playing in the background. Perfect ending!

  • kae💛

    pls do the last episode now??

  • Adele Wynter
    Adele Wynter

    Lmao 🤣 that pull out joke man

  • k_n

    you should make videos once a show/season is over before giving an opinion js

  • Assault Asylum
    Assault Asylum

    What 15 year old like to be woken up by their parents like that no one

  • SMP 3725
    SMP 3725

    Wait, this is a crime show?!

  • Brianna Roberts
    Brianna Roberts

    Do a follow up on the finale!!!!

  • Chan De Boer
    Chan De Boer

    I just got way too much riverdale vibes from this show i stopped watching after the first or second episode

  • Nipuna Weerasekara
    Nipuna Weerasekara

    Yo now do The Handmaid's Tale 🙏

  • Shadi Omar
    Shadi Omar

    Your videos are awesome!

  • LEE

    2:04 Holy shit that caught me off guard and I almost choked on my watermelon

  • Alex

    I has good like sound design at least and like the colours are cool. So at least it looks and sounds cool sometimes, at least from the clips you used

  • diana johnson
    diana johnson

    i might watch.

  • amber huggles
    amber huggles

    Should do an update since it’s over

  • Furbean

    Ok the girl was ugly with curly hair and pretty with straight hair?? UGHHHHHH

  • Cheney Theron
    Cheney Theron

    I honestly really enjoyed this series! The way they show the different timelines by the hair styles, the lighting, the music. Its really good and I would recommend

  • Tocoolforschool

    Honestly after seeing that I have to say what the hell

  • Twin Nems
    Twin Nems

    this guy is literally so annoying

  • Jeremiah Palmer
    Jeremiah Palmer

    Who else got an add right before the scream

  • Shizukou's Apostle [1st Apostle of Twenty]
    Shizukou's Apostle [1st Apostle of Twenty]

    Do these people even try to make the actors look like they slept through the night? Maybe the people I am around me are weird... But no one wakes up this perfect in the morning, it's like the sleep in a vacuum or something

  • Irelynn Ryan
    Irelynn Ryan

    I love this show omg! Idc what anyone says! It’s amazing!!!!!!!!!!!😍

  • Lauren Mullen
    Lauren Mullen

    the show didn’t get good until episode 7, but it makes more sense when i rewatch it

  • majaspace

    IF YOU LIKE THIS SHOW / you’re between 13-25 yrs old.

  • majaspace

    I tried so hard to watch it, it’s slow AF & it’ has completely unnecessary scenes it’s like beyond buzzeARRRR

  • Latania Blake
    Latania Blake

    From 5:00 to 5:06, I laughed and then I cried.

  • rebecca aguilera
    rebecca aguilera

    Please do #realityhigh

  • lilac voices
    lilac voices

    im impressed, this man can make harry potter look dumb LOL

  • ziva m
    ziva m


  • BurntTamales

    5:39 I was drinking water when the girl farted I laughed and spit it out everywhere 😂😂

  • Noir_fairyy

    maybe 40 something year old men should stop watching shows intended for teens and young adults thinking it's for them???...just putting that out there!

    • lays

      imagine getting mad at a comedy channel making fun of a show

    • ziva m
      ziva m

      why are you mad

  • Mike Martin
    Mike Martin

    The news said that the cops said Martin died in a shoot out which is obviously not true. Hard to believe that the truth didn't come out that Kate shot him.


    All of this takes place in the Yugoslavian civil war

  • Toecutter

    The head of wardrobe needs to be fired immediately.

  • Kenzie's Kompilations
    Kenzie's Kompilations

    The whole concept of non chronological plots and storytelling reminds me of firefly lane on Netflix. It is really boring, even though it’s nonchronological, because it’s honestly not hard to piece things together and predict what happened. It tries to trick you, but it doesn’t work.

  • Kenzie's Kompilations
    Kenzie's Kompilations

    The whole concept of non chronological plots and storytelling reminds me of firefly lane on Netflix. It is really simple and boring, even though it’s nonchronological, because it’s honestly not hard to piece things together and predict what happened.

  • Nateorius Gaming
    Nateorius Gaming

    I actually liked that this show went with the cliche ending and then threw a fucking curveball out of nowhere lol

    • koostattoos -
      koostattoos -

      @Laiba Tahir the ending also felt realistic imo. like her actually being a bad person and getting away with it is realistic. and i feel like in season 2 they're going to try and twist it and make her look good and i just dont want it

    • samantha o.
      samantha o.

      Laiba Tahir i heard ppl are spectulating that theyd do an anthology where the second season is a different with the same actors so i think thats definitely the better option

    • selly gom
      selly gom

      @Laiba Tahir true! the ending left me wondering and satisfy at the same time. if that makes any sense

    • Laiba Tahir
      Laiba Tahir

      I really don’t want a season 2. The ending was an amazing way to end the story

    • Jamie Daurell
      Jamie Daurell

      The ending really had me shooooook! I mean I half expected that Jeanette knew she was there. But I wonder if I’m season two they’ll dive more into that plot twist.

  • rockinonthemove

    I thought the show would be super corny in the beginning but after realizing that Jessica Biel was an executive producer, I had some hope. She was also an executive producer of The Sinner (on Netflix) and I thought that show was fantastic! I was definitely not dissolved by the end

  • isabella christie
    isabella christie


  • huyundesu

    the whole staring at a blonde girl at the store.... is so.... so.... fruity 😏 edit: wait girl nvm what the hell 😭😭

  • JustRhino

    Secret life is pog

  • Fanro Cm
    Fanro Cm

    I thought it was s a movie

  • 𝓒𝓱𝓮𝓻𝓻𝔂 𝓰𝓪𝓬𝓱𝓪
    𝓒𝓱𝓮𝓻𝓻𝔂 𝓰𝓪𝓬𝓱𝓪

    *breathes heavily* I-I LIKE JELLY BEANS

  • Majestic Chinchilla
    Majestic Chinchilla

    At this point I’m convinced Alex hates every show. This was still funny.

    • Devaprabha

      @Esther kabwika yeah life is too short to pretend you don't like anne with an e

    • Esther kabwika
      Esther kabwika

      @laura cadaval that show is hard to not like.

    • laura cadaval
      laura cadaval

      besides anne with an e

  • ECPracticeSquad

    I want to see this man do Momento

  • rose



    I woke up to my ex girlfriend standing over me in the middle of the night, so I moved out of our house a few days later.