To All The Boys 3 is actually kinda good?

  • Sumayyah Khan
    Sumayyah Khan

    . wut......

  • adina

    i was crying so much. movies about growing up make me cry a lot

  • Hugh Fraser
    Hugh Fraser

    I love how all these romance movies revolve around the idea you have too commit everything to just one guy or its all over

  • Tyrant-Den

    The only show to get school dances right was Star Vs The Forces of Evil.

  • Tavariay Hoeksema
    Tavariay Hoeksema

    What Alex does is cool!!!!

  • Tavariay Hoeksema
    Tavariay Hoeksema

    Is Lara Ben's little sister Anna Cathcart who plays Dizzy Tremaine from Descendants2&3?

  • Marc MCP
    Marc MCP

    2:10 bro alex she has nettflix while being on a nettflix showw ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Stephany Miles
    Stephany Miles

    What kind of college did u go to I got a b because the essay wasn't double space

  • Elizabeth F
    Elizabeth F

    in the book i loved how Chris and LJ took the spontaneous road trip to UNC (it’s different in the movie). i wish they showed that here but i still think they did a nice job changing the story the way they did (although i wish they showed the beach week trip by we get to john ambrose :))

  • Caitlyn scarberry
    Caitlyn scarberry

    I've literally been seeing the university Stafford EVERYWHERE I go 😂

  • Luna M
    Luna M

    1:29 "ABS: The Musical"

  • MZ

    The fact that Peter got upset at her choosing something she’s passionate about and wants to succeed in, then using a manipulative line like “you chose distance” made me dislike him so much and I was really rooting for Lara Jean to not go back to him in the end and stay single. I know it’s a romcom and this kind of endings usually doesn’t really happen, but I was still disappointed. Also, what’s with writers making the second love interest always so much better and a decent person but the hero/heroine still choose the asshole? In most romcoms I root for the other guy, but the girls always choose the manipulative and toxic one.

  • Blake Perry
    Blake Perry

    Cat in the hat

  • Kori Clay
    Kori Clay

    Wait… they made a third movie? I barely found out about the secind

  • GoatInBoat

    Lara jean and Peter: *kisses* -Grandma has entered the chat-

  • Mr Treppu
    Mr Treppu

    Nightwish, TORILLE!

  • Mira Rantanen
    Mira Rantanen

    it’s a good idea to choose going to a collage based on the good looking guys, when you have a boyfriend

  • African princess
    African princess


  • Suave Cook
    Suave Cook

    Wow finally you like one movie😤🤨😮‍💨

  • Luis David vega espinoza
    Luis David vega espinoza

    i like how he perfectly explained the entire second movie in 10 seconds

  • Lloyd

    To learn from your mistakes. You must take accountability for them first........

  • William Wilson
    William Wilson

    There is a 4th one coming out

  • Jewel Castle
    Jewel Castle

    I was gonna watch the movie and I was like naaa Lemme see if Alex watched it first.

  • NahIm2Lazy

    How do you learn to fart the veggietales theme song?

  • Tobenna Okoli
    Tobenna Okoli

    At this point not being like other girls IS being like others girls. No girl is just gonna be like “ yeah, we are a hive mind 🧠.”

  • Sophie Gorbunova
    Sophie Gorbunova

    do a K-12

  • Zahabia Pancha
    Zahabia Pancha

    In my opinion this movie would actually be a masterpiece if they broke up in the end and willing to meet new people in college and stating that if it's meant to be they will find their way to each other again.

  • Gsabersaidhi G
    Gsabersaidhi G

    I’m just surprised that there’s a third one

  • Lizzie Lee
    Lizzie Lee

    Am I the only one who bursted out laughing at the end of the movie? Like when LJ said "We're not like those other couples". I legitimately laughed like way too much

    • River Overland
      River Overland

      Same, as much as I enjoy this trilogy, that was just comical

  • Marisa

    this was the worst movie to the series of to all the boys i loved, like one its mondo cringe and why do all girls have to be quiet push overs in movies like this. she was literally told by her sister to not live her life for someone. Let out your inner Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan and release your inner woman and call out your boyfriends ego selfishness and major life problems ( which you shouldn’t be fixing because you are not a licensed therapist.) like stop it with the girly innocence i wanted to puke so badly

  • Daniel Krawczyk
    Daniel Krawczyk

    It’s crazy how many dirtbags there are in the world

  • Koshi Sugawaras Waifu
    Koshi Sugawaras Waifu


  • Cennix

    didn't know you had to be in the same school/collage/work to date someone

  • rupsha ghosh
    rupsha ghosh

    my ex went to my college just coz i was going, we broke up in a year.

  • Erneke Camacho
    Erneke Camacho

    Please review Liv and Maddie!!!!!!!

  • Pancake Waffle
    Pancake Waffle


  • Melinda_doyle4


  • Dory Darkling
    Dory Darkling

    Wait, these movies are based in Portland? How TF did I not know this before now!?

  • MistakenGaming _
    MistakenGaming _

    Was that... Aerith's Theme?

  • Maria M
    Maria M

    But like I kinda wished he talked about Dae and Kitty's relationship because that was the real power couple

  • Rebecca Clark
    Rebecca Clark

    It's silly, in my country in the 70'/80' man went to special army preparation for several years during which they almost couldn't see their friends and family, and often when they got back, they immediately married the woman they were datig before leaving

  • warum warum
    warum warum

    I couldn't believe the title!

  • chiyanoelle

    Hey Alex, do Crash Landing On You! Its on Netflix and its WONDERFUL :)

  • 𝐞𝐥𝐢 🍄
    𝐞𝐥𝐢 🍄

    literally all of these movies make no sense. like, id be pretty mad at my sister (or brother in my case) if they had a crush on my significant other for multiple years and never said anything abt it until someone exposed me for it.

  • Nimisha Bagewadi
    Nimisha Bagewadi

    nopezzz it's not good

  • Kiran Pai
    Kiran Pai

    Me watching his video instead of the real film

  • poonam verma
    poonam verma

    The book was soo different and soooo much better. Book Lara Jean and movie Lara Jean seem like two completely different people

  • Shaganaa Gunarajan
    Shaganaa Gunarajan

    The reason why despite all the flaws, this is my fave romcom is because usually in romcoms the characters fight throughout the entire movie then makeup at the end. The reason this doesn't make sense is bc how do we know that after that arc in their lives that was on movie, they won't fight again, cause they clearly haven't found a solution? This happens in the first and second movie, they fight, then make up at the end, but in the third movie, they've come past most of the jealousy issues and petty arguments and they fight at only near the end and makeup by finding an actual solution!

  • Karolina Nowak
    Karolina Nowak

    I love books, they are romantic but also sincere, I love Dr. Covey and how he has to deal with raising 3 daughters, which is really difficult, I do not have and will never have a crush for Noah Centineo (I only watched the Disney series with him, Austin and Ally ") and I do not think this story is the greatest in the world but it is good, teenagers' lives are presented realistically, I like every part, I like that there are social media but not the most important thing, family is the most important all 3 films have funny, sad and embarrassing moments because that's what life is like. I recommend everyone to read these books, cool for the summer

  • Liisi Halvin
    Liisi Halvin


  • Yovanna L. Soto
    Yovanna L. Soto

    Universities don't want their names used because of reputation. Fancy schools don't care because realistically pple KNOW they would not actually get into those unis

  • Merveille Gomen
    Merveille Gomen

    They are always reading books. Like really, if you read books will ur live be as nice ad theirs? No!

  • Bea Manlangit
    Bea Manlangit


  • savage yoongles
    savage yoongles

    1:39 steponmedumbledore 😂

  • pupulicious

    The green filter throughout the movie was too much for me. It's so UGLY.

  • A person :D
    A person :D

    i love all the boys i loved before movies for some reason even though im not really into those kind of movies idk why but yeah

  • Ruby Roy
    Ruby Roy

    Love the sailor moon references

  • Ruby Roy
    Ruby Roy

    I love all the sailor moon pics in the back when you go to college it’s my favourite anime

  • sad prose
    sad prose

    i haven’t watched the second two movies but this is so different from the book? the book made more sense and peter was worse.

  • sad prose
    sad prose

    i read the books ... shouldn’t have.

  • Jazmine Kathuria
    Jazmine Kathuria

    Can someone make a realistic movie where the mom loves the child but screams at her and teaches her but doesn’t have like a nice loving conversation because that’s my life

  • Eliyana Chalamet
    Eliyana Chalamet

    I never saw them study but there u go accepted to stanford 😂😂😂😂

    • Vintage Panda
      Vintage Panda

      I think Peter got a Lacrosse scholarship (that happened in the books but they planned to go to a local college)

  • Isabella Vuong
    Isabella Vuong

    to all the boys 2 with john ambrose will still always be the best out of the trilogy (im just mad she didn't pick john bc he was sm better than the other dude)

  • Gacha Unicorn
    Gacha Unicorn

    Can you do twitches please

  • Cathie S
    Cathie S

    Omg 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 “911 was an inside job”

  • Hari Petrov
    Hari Petrov

    I am not into a ivy league or something like that Uni, but still it is TOUGH, compared to high school. Like for 1 year in Uni felt like the effort that I have put in, into 12 years of school, and its not like i graduated with a bad grade from high school.

  • ccnc808

    Two things, one I disagree with the whole breaking up before college thing. I'm in my senior year of college with the same guy I was dating since my senior high school. It's rare but it's possible if you really care for each other. Two I think you missed a whole plot line they threw in which made Peters "bad" reaction to Lara Jean moving to New York make sense. Only after he makes up with his Dad for leaving him, he can forgive Lara Jean for leaving him too. He's a product of his childhood like most of us are but he realized he was breaking up with her out of fear that correlates to him feeling left behind & not a priority. This is one of the few times a romantic comedy actually made sense of everyone's actions and it wasn't a random thing to further the plot.

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin

    all right im going to bed 911 was an inside job


    I laughed soo much Omdz 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • David Álvarez
    David Álvarez

    That last quote by Lara Jean is literally what half of the highschool couples I knew said before breaking up forever.

  • Patty Navarro
    Patty Navarro

    I really liked LJ and Gen's friendship arc here. The third book was still going on with Gen and Peter and her drama with her family but the movie made their relationship better and Gen as a character. Idk, I love the 2nd book but in the movies I prefer this last one. Much more mature (for a teenager's perspective) and better pacing. 1st movie had me sleeping and 2nd one had me not sitting right with LJ. Last movie kind of learn from the first 2 more.

  • Gideon Williams
    Gideon Williams

    1:36 *internally geeking to sailor moon background*

  • Kristina Savic
    Kristina Savic

    Why would she get rejected if she got straight As and volunteered? I never understood.

  • Mewow

    They did Chris’s character dirty. In the books she was a bad person but a good friend. Also Trina was so bad

  • sarcastic3.14

    10:17 Me someone who has a online relationship: 👁👄👁

  • Shiro Night
    Shiro Night

    This movie almost ended so good and then she went to the tent

  • stargazzer midnight
    stargazzer midnight

    I feel like people shouldn't date before college,but that's just me

  • Abigail Tunstall
    Abigail Tunstall

    Is it just me, or is this movie like 25 % people snoging?

  • Mark Garmino
    Mark Garmino

    I didn't read nor watch the third part cause she didn't end up with John Ambrose.

  • Sushi. X3
    Sushi. X3

    How tf you gonna say this show is kinda good but don’t like wandavison 😭

  • Lewis Fam
    Lewis Fam

    I luv ur thumbnail

  • Kirbo Lover
    Kirbo Lover

    Bro when she didn’t get in you should’ve played the Naruto sad music

  • Priyanka Vikram
    Priyanka Vikram

    5:18 why aren’t we talking about how cute that “NO!” is????

  • Arlette Parker
    Arlette Parker

    Watch miraculous ladybug

  • hah loser
    hah loser

    wait did he not completely criticize a teen romance in the title 😟

  • Damian Wipfli
    Damian Wipfli

    coming from a country so small, you can drive from one end to the other in like 2h, all this collage stuff, is like so hard to get, like they have to leave every thing they have at home for collage, while most here still live at home or in a flat with some buddys, when you go to university

  • Beril Eren
    Beril Eren

    Am i the only one who read all of the books and didnt watch any of the movies

  • Callum Reid
    Callum Reid

    honestly .. that sounds like gaslighting behaviour .. she wants to go to a school that she like and then makes her feel bad about that choice ... gaslighting one o one

  • cottagecrossing

    they really thought they did something when they wrote forever and always backwards for the title.

  • That Allison
    That Allison

    The fact she kept saying "I have something to tell you Peter" instead of JUST SAYING IT RIGHT AWAY

  • Minch Yoda
    Minch Yoda

    This must be a cinematic masterpiece

  • Avi

    We're Lara Jean and Peter Narrator: And they broke up 1 week later.

  • Karan S Agrawal
    Karan S Agrawal

    At 11:46 was he talking about that English guy from "After" ?

  • Kavertia

    The “Welcome home” sign is the most realistic needless detail and I love it.

  • Cruzazulini

    This might be your best video tbh

  • brendan zhang
    brendan zhang

    I guess the movie wasnt bad,the plot was relatble, but the ending is the cheesiest stuff ever

  • Hawks the eyeliner kfc boy
    Hawks the eyeliner kfc boy

    Is Alex a metal head because he’s used a nightwish song twice

    • Princess of the internet
      Princess of the internet

      Wait what was the second time and what video??

  • Calisophie

    I really wanted to watch this movie but I just didn't so I'm just gonna watch the review now

  • Tikayla Royal
    Tikayla Royal

    I mean every sequel I have to turn up my phone to hear his words

  • Miguel Soeiro
    Miguel Soeiro

    5:05 Aerith's theme from FF7!? Good taste.