how can anyone watch Riverdale unironically...

  • José B Ribeiro
    José B Ribeiro

    I seriously considered watching Riverdale because it looks like one of those shows that are so bad they are good

  • Nicola Berry
    Nicola Berry

    I mean if Mothman was anything like Catman - a homeless man who ate rats where I live - then they really have nothing to worry about.

  • Suicide Angel
    Suicide Angel

    I dated a necromancer in college once- 💀

  • Lucky Caramel
    Lucky Caramel

    Fun fact Riverdale is the same cartoon called “Archie’s Weird Mystery”

  • zRoviiz

    Why do i fee like i season 8 or something just the last season and last episode its just archie waking up from a dream and is late for the "date" he and betty have back in the first episode of season 1

  • Ife Diran
    Ife Diran

    Everyone looks so old on this show.

  • Swapnil Baraskar
    Swapnil Baraskar

    I was just watching videos what this Riverdale is ,after hearing summary of three seasons I was like seriously they are just pulling the story way too much. Initially it all started with murder then..... the story goes like super super crazy. I searched Riverdale boring and came across your video.

  • Mcidkwiwtnt

    No. You can’t tell me this started like a normal tv show-

  • Demi snoddy
    Demi snoddy

    Why do I like riverdale✌🏻😚😭😭😭

  • Grace Baelenge
    Grace Baelenge

    why does this youtuber think that every show is bad/weird or dumb?

  • Sasha N
    Sasha N

    As some one who never watched a single episode of riverdale, this is a strange show…

  • Hank J. Wimbleton
    Hank J. Wimbleton

    riverdale should end with something legitimately supernatural happening that da gang cant stop, and it turns into the apocalypse with all of them dying. Cuz i mean why not?

  • Noah Pierce
    Noah Pierce

    This is the show that all the girls have been simping over..

  • Sabrina René
    Sabrina René

    I watched the first season of this show and was like I think I’m done. Thank you for watching this and recapping so I don’t have to suffer through it 😂

  • CheetoPuff 111
    CheetoPuff 111

    I could not watch after 2 seasons as it became horrible.

  • Tiffany Blair
    Tiffany Blair

    Okay was there a time jump or has it just been that long since I stopped watching?!

  • Shayan K.
    Shayan K.

    Even Einstein couldn't make sense of this shitshow

  • Sebastian Bendyna
    Sebastian Bendyna

    I just laughed so hard I think I shat myself


    I just watch the first four episodes of riverdale ...just because my crush suggested me... I fucking hate the show....she even forced me to buy prequel book.... What's the most sad thing is that...instead of "US" getting closer.... she blocked me over insta and whatsapp.... Brih i the future yrs im gonna ban this fucking show....

    • Sasha N
      Sasha N

      Dude…make new friends

  • Sasha Braus
    Sasha Braus

    BRING BACK SEASON 1 AND SEASON 2 RIVERDALEEEEE “Choni is the only thing saving Riverdale now” Yeah about that-

  • Anna Pan
    Anna Pan

    I don’t know how the actors manage to still keep a straight face while saying all those ridiculous things lol

  • Anna Pan
    Anna Pan

    I don’t want my darkness to overtake you I’m crying here

  • Gianni Russo
    Gianni Russo

    Show tried a little to hard trying to copy stranger things

  • tristan games
    tristan games

    These kinds of shows make me smell and think about coffee some reason why

  • Natascha Mwambwa
    Natascha Mwambwa

    Please do legacies next

  • bored_ af
    bored_ af

    It's because its so bad that its good for me

  • African princess
    African princess

    To be honest I hate Riverdale they completely ruined the original cartoon series seriously Riverdale is a total insult to the original cartoon Archie's weird mysteries

  • Abi Arriola
    Abi Arriola

    Here’s your daily reminder that Riverdale and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina are set in the same universe

    • Creativeguy1 Martinez
      Creativeguy1 Martinez

      @bored_ af lmao mothmens

    • bored_ af
      bored_ af

      Honestly I think there will be a crossover I mean how else are they're going to defeat those MoThMeNs

  • Natalija Jovanović
    Natalija Jovanović


    • bored_ af
      bored_ af

      Watching the show for Cheryl for her lovelife and happiness (if she ever gets it 💀)

  • Mauve Melon
    Mauve Melon

    It would have been better if they stopped the show where they show Betty's dad is black hood. Rest is just trash

  • helplesssss

    you should review new amsterdam

  • LDShadowLady s
    LDShadowLady s

    *riverdale is dying..* *YAY* *don’t save it*

  • Kiran Kumari
    Kiran Kumari

    After season 1 I m done understanding Riverdale I don't knw what the show is about I mean what is it?? ? There is no storyline in this series

  • a. w.
    a. w.

    i stopped watching riverdale after season 3 and good frickin god after watching these videos i'm so glad i stopped oml

  • Claire Cannon
    Claire Cannon

    Veronica: Once I knew this guy, who knew this guy, who knew this guy, who knew this guy’s cousin!!

  • Poof

    At least Betty's hair isn't being held hostage anymore in this season

  • Karla Rao
    Karla Rao


  • N1K0L4

    All the good shows are always getting cancelled too soon, but this nonsence just keeps going and going, it blows my mind.

  • Meloncool Eeeh
    Meloncool Eeeh

    I think Riverdale was originally supposed to be a one season, possibly even a movie which would cover what happened in season one. Any who because season one was so good and money happened, they decided to continue, that's why they just do anything.

  • Seth Grey
    Seth Grey

    Veronica finally called her daddy "father", maybe finally I can watch this show without cringing every time she speaks.

  • Magician

    “Also I’m pretty sure you can’t transfer darkness through your Virgi-“

  • How Is Your Day So Far?
    How Is Your Day So Far?

    The show literally takes place in the 60s and they have iPhones and call themselves gen z wtf

  • The Senate
    The Senate

    I'm suprised that this show is still going on. And they somehow got aliens into this

  • Ariana Bustamante
    Ariana Bustamante

    cheryl's grandma: I found a horrible misshaped body. me: oh my god, she looked in the mirror.

  • pneuma

    Don’t tell me this ends like inazuma 11 aliens arc

  • Olivia McGowan
    Olivia McGowan

    “I’m pretty sure you can’t transfer darkness through your v-“

  • Relix

    ISTG IF I HERE BETTY SAY 'dArKnEsS' ONE MORE TIME IM SUING why is this show so addicting help

  • Nuha Younis
    Nuha Younis

    Im dead hhhhhhhhhhhh

  • olivia z
    olivia z

    i genuinely haven't unironically watched riverdale since 2018 like i stopped watching sometime in the third season i just- 😀😀😀 exit stage left 🏃🏽🏃🏽🏃🏽🏃🏽🏃🏽🏃🏽

  • Kevin Smith
    Kevin Smith

    I think I only watched the first episode and didn't make it any further than that. The two hottest girls and a hot teacher were interested in him. I just couldn't relate to this guy's "problems."

  • Emily Westerlund
    Emily Westerlund

    So you can't be talj

  • Emily Westerlund
    Emily Westerlund

    Riverdale is good show

  • INUK

    This show is completely dead

    • Xehanort10

      Was it ever really alive?

  • Bistivia

    You should do bridge to Terabithia next


    Remember when riverdale was just a town in the archie comedy comics. Now we have _This_

  • Dominick Torres
    Dominick Torres

    So when Betty dumps archy he’s like uH Ok bACK tO vErOnicA Cause I get any girl I want when I want huhuhuuuuu

  • Eriona Pillow
    Eriona Pillow

    Still love this show. I know it has crazy storylines but i love it and it's funny. Can't wait for the rest of the episodes of season 5♥️♥️♥️♥️😍😍😍

  • madeleine p.
    madeleine p.

    How are they still in high school?

  • madeleine p.
    madeleine p.

    I haven’t kept up with Riverdale (through FIshows, because I could not find it in me to watch past the third season) in months and I am very confused, as well as shocked because this show still manages to get worse.

  • Tiffany

    Cw never reads comics i swear


      Yeah. They ruined everything.

  • Michael Mann
    Michael Mann

    Waw you really hate river dale and any cw show I mean give it a break

    • Xehanort10

      Because the whole CW network sucks. Even though their main thing's romance they can't do it right. And whenever they do a non romance show it becomes a show that's only about romance in the 3rd season.

  • Lorelai Gilmore
    Lorelai Gilmore

    I need an entire playlist of Alex just saying “patchu patchu”

  • Pranav

    u r a legend ....please i need more of these kinda of stufff

  • maisie maise
    maisie maise

    riverdale is like a wattpad story

  • Sky

    I only watch Riverdale for Toni and Cheryl 😕

  • Nathan's Stuff
    Nathan's Stuff

    Mothman? Is it set in West Virginia or something?

  • Chen Stormstout
    Chen Stormstout

    Can we all just watch Archie’s Weird Mysteries? And not subject ourselves to the insanity of this show.


      @Chen Stormstout yeah. I remember getting into the comics because of Archie's weird mysteries a great decision 👌

    • Chen Stormstout
      Chen Stormstout

      @BILL CIPHER Never got much into the comics. Unfortunately my first experience with Archie was through that TV show. But I really enjoyed the TV show.


      BROOOO I USED TO STAY UP ALL NIGHT TO WATCH IT. Memories 😔 You also remember the archie comics? Also way better than riverdale

  • Fangirling Hannah
    Fangirling Hannah

    It would've been way better if Riverdale had just been supernatural from the start 😂😂😂

  • Vanessa

    I stopped watching this shit show and now you telling me there are fucking Aliens. Aliens. For the love of god this show has to end🥲🥲🥲🥲

  • 無効_void

    Maybe attaway general isnt that bad.

  • Lolita Contaldo
    Lolita Contaldo

    when did half these things happen

  • Wølfię_Døødłęž

    I liked the Archie comics but this goes WAY too far

  • Addies vlogs and More!!!
    Addies vlogs and More!!!

    I freakin love riverdale

  • El Calabozo del freak
    El Calabozo del freak

    Riverdale is fun

  • Alba Tudela
    Alba Tudela

    I LOVE the Kingdom hearts reference!

  • NahIm2Lazy

    This is why you gotta stick to archies weird mysteries


      Or the comics.

  • Benjamin Peterson
    Benjamin Peterson

    I cant believe I just noticed this, but how have you not done Friday Night Lights yet? That would be a fun one to watch you tear apart.

  • andrewkful

    ..... the supernatural stuff in this show is real because ... if you didn't know .... this is not based on the MAIN Archie Comics. It's based on the spin-off comic where Riverdale is overtaken by zombies, which is actually the first of many many stories like that. THere are SO many stories, the publishers eventually established an entirely separate comics label for them: Archie Horror.


      Don't forget the tv show "Archie's weird mysteries" that came first.

  • Azamiシ

    The title of the video is what I say to my friend all the time

  • Annah Maria Zeeta Washington
    Annah Maria Zeeta Washington

    It’s been a while since I watched the river dale videos but woah clearly the script for the story is going all over the place Veronica got married? And now she is getting a divorce? Betty I think she dumped jughead for Archie and now they are not together? I think I made a good choice to stop watching the show when I was in season 3

  • Slurpii

    my quirky sister, whos currently studying economy, shes a nerd, very smart girl, actually the smartest of the family, but shes also incredibly dumb

  • mayln163

    “I don’t want my darkness to overtake you.” Are the actors aware of how ridiculous some of the lines are?

  • Ilona Ibragimova
    Ilona Ibragimova

    I watched 4 episodes of this show, and I think my brain is melting...never again. lol. I don't know how u do it for 5 seasons already...

  • iijuicylemon ii
    iijuicylemon ii

    River dale ruined heathers

  • taysyre

    it's so weird bc supposedly Sabrina lives a city or two away where actual "supernatural" stuff is going on. the only storyline thing that I actually liked was when the kids were on drgs and playing board games 👍🏾

  • Katyana Hall
    Katyana Hall

    Go back to the first episode and see the difference. Like DANG

  • ajay tiwari
    ajay tiwari

    CW can literally pass this shit for like 5 seasons but Netflix won't even do a Mindhunter season 3. Something's wrong with the world.

  • aldebaran subarashi
    aldebaran subarashi

    What even is this show

  • Jannahh

    I used to be able to defend the show but they’ve officially ruined Riverdale

  • Sabrina Miller
    Sabrina Miller

    Why is nobody talking about the little girl that joined the Bulldogs? That's when my brain QUIT.

  • HydroZx7

    Brain damage

  • Arianna Kirin
    Arianna Kirin

    how old are they now wtf

  • Joanie Butler
    Joanie Butler

    Let's just appreciate how I read the title, start laughing, and don't stop laughing until the video is over. And.... then I'm sad because the videos over.

  • sadie mullin
    sadie mullin

    Do shameless please

  • Kaiden W00
    Kaiden W00

    They really trying to have aliens now. WHATS NEXT DRAGONS

  • Kyle Clark
    Kyle Clark

    You know, the more videos you put out about Riverdale, the more I think you'd get a big kick out of Revenge with Emily VanCamp. Or Dynasty. Rich white families constantly stabbing each other in the back.

  • commander392

    Wouldn't her nobody name be poxyll or something

  • WoodsFamily

    When he said what acrhie going to fight him with his abs I lost it🤣😂

  • Iris C
    Iris C

    I haven't watched Riverdale since like season 2... how is this even real

  • OT7 biased Mashups
    OT7 biased Mashups

    I feel so sorry for the actors💀 Like they're DONE

    • zRoviiz

      Feel? they are..