Jennifer's Body is the craziest movie I've ever seen...

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      @CorbCorbin it’s called a sponsorship for a reason

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      Shut Up! Your not my real dad! I will never check out Survivors of The Walking Dead! Never…😭

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      Aris frina

      @Bryce0521 aaaaa

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      The song hits different

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    Tilly Comedy

    RESPONDING TO THE QUESTIONS YOU HAD AT THE END: i like your thoughts at the end, shows that you were able to comprehend some of the messages as a white guy. i mention you being a white guy because many white guys that did see this film completely missed the themes of this film. one thing you were confused about was why jennifer didn't go after the band (i would have liked to see her enact her revenge on her rapists as well). but remember, the band guys made a deal with the devil, which currently resides in jennifer. there's probably a demon code of honor that says if you make a deal with humans, then possess the body of an unrelated person, you don't go after the humans that you made a deal with. ******** trigger warning: talks about sexual assault ******** but the actual reason is a metaphor, and it is this: victims of rape rarely persecute their rapists in real life (due to a multitude of reasons that i won't get into here). jennifer is a representation of a rape victim who did not persecute her rapists. why does jennifer attack innocent guys instead? she's possessed by a demon that eats human flesh, but jennifer only feeds on men. the demon is able to possess her because she is in mental, emotional and physical agony. a human who's suffering that much provides an easy vessel for a demon to corrupt. as the demon is attached to jennifer based on her pain, her pain influences what the demon preys on. it was men that brutalised her, so the demon in jennifer preys on men. as for the point where it seems like she's reclaiming her agency, but her demon powers are sustained by men and how that's not very 'female empowerment', i get what you mean but see it this way: jennifer was never meant to become a hero with her newfound powers. after what happened to her, her soul was broken. rape victims don't gain anything from a sexual assault - that's the message. we're used to seeing the "protagonist overcomes adversity and becomes a hero" narrative in american films, that we assumed this trope would also appear in this movie. a story that provides metaphors about assault victims is not going to have that trope, because in real life, a person doesn't gain anything from being brutalised. that's also why jennifer doesn't get a redemption. she was assaulted, there's nothing that she needs to redeem herself for. the ones who needed to redeem themselves were her rapists, the band guys. you could say that she should redeem herself for attacking innocent guys, but as i said before, this story was never meant to be about jennifer becoming a hero. this story is a metaphor for a couple of things, one of them being the horrible aftermath of being raped. and if we're going by canon logic, the real jennifer had died that day in the van, the demon had taken over her (which is a metaphor in it's own right).

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    Forest Faery Tarot

    You should see Orphan or May lol

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    Miyah Michelle

    The emo anthem was amazing

  • plus

    11:00 best time stamp trust me

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    Andre Evans

    I don’t get how Anita beat Jennifer

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    6:48 :man: YEA!!!!!! (AFTER EATING THE CHICKEN)

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    There is a deleted scene with one of the most famous lines from the movie (go figure) which it seems, people unanimously agree, should not have been deleted. It might explain some of your questions at the end. Needy: You're killing people. Jennifer: No, im killing boys. Jennifer doesn't think much of men, hence why she never really cared. However, someone pointed out something interesting in a comment I saw not too long ago. When Needy kills Jennifer at the end, Jennifer goes back to being beautiful. Because the demon left and all that was left was what was there in the first place, Jennifer's corpse. Which then, adds to the question, did we really see Jennifer at all in the movie, other then the beginning. Or, was that just the demon, who absorbed some of her personality traits. The only hint that some part of her was still in there is when she stopped herself from killing Needy, and when she was crying before the dance. And now, im done. Lol.


    I saw his “MYSPACE” page

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    Ow the edge (No same for goths or edgy peeps I am one myself)

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    Chris S

    This video was "heck of ride" and I loved it! "I'm glad you didn't die" should be expressed more

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  • good vibes only thank you
    good vibes only thank you

    I liked it but kinda upset about the ending

  • Sen

    'Why didn't Jennifer not take revenge on the guys in the band?' Well I always thought of that scene as a reference to r4pe, given how the guys laugh, make jokes, sing a song etc beforehand and show a complete disregard for her humanity. I imagine that is a very traumatic experience and honestly don't see a r4pe victim or literally any kind of victim of a situation similar to that wanting to confront their abusers. Sure, she might be physically stronger, but it's pretty clear you would be messed up psychologically after such a traumatic event. This is clear in the ways she lashes out at others, especially Needy, and tries to wrestle back control from men just like the band took control away from her. Also, I don't think character development was necessary for Jennifer. Firstly, she wasn't even the main character and secondly, lot of movies' antagonists don't go through character development so I didn't think that was unusual at all.



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    Ahah ahah omg the music goes with the era 🤣😂

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    genies out of that bottle! 😂😂😂😂

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    So needy is the awkward nerd because she wears glasses legit

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    the song kinda sounded like the Tokyo ghoul intro XD

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    This movie made my brain hurt 😮‍💨

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    He's here mentioning boys being distracted by belly buttons and stuff while my closeted in denial bi kid self had her eyes GLUED to those stomachs. I'm gonna quote one of my favorite collab videos and say......."It was like Jane from Tarzan where they had her in this giant dress and then show her in a tank top and everyone was shook". It dead don't even be sexual attraction at that age. It's wondering why you keep looking at that person's skin type of attraction 😂😂😂 At least that was back in my days. Now you have literal kids sneaking around having sex instead of weird unexplained attractions. But that didn't distract us from school, no it did not. It was just a better thing to look at when you were stuck in a dark depressing building all day to then go home and be tortured by homework after carrying like 10 pounds of textbooks when you were barely past 10 pounds yourself 😂

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    low key love ur shuddup ur not my rel dad music video

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    Old Lady

    In regards to your points at the end about Jennifer being jealous or maybe in love with her best friend and never trying to get revenge in the guys who did this, I always assumed it’s because Jennifer is dead, it’s the demon inside of her and the only thing left of her is her body.

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    Cam Britt

    That poem had me dying.

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    Victoria Dzienis

    I love how this movie was mostly about gayness, but Alex didn't even *dare* touch that P.S. "Shut up you're not my real Dad" needs an award

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    Your shit’s adorable.

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    I wanted to like this movie, I got bored somehow

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    Violeta Sanchez

    Funfact: Your good old Patrick star voice actor is in the movie

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    Makayla Lashé

    i need shut up you’re not my real dad on spotify and apple music ASAP

  • Makayla Lashé
    Makayla Lashé

    your demo is better than half the music in movies with emo bands😂😂

  • Well wouldn’t You like to know
    Well wouldn’t You like to know

    I loved this movie.

  • wonderfulkitty

    Lol Needy's first thought after narrowly escaping a deadly fire is nachos. Literally no one is a human being in this film, not just Jennifer.

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    Vee Nay Nay

    Imma need ‘Shut up you’re not my real dad’ on Spotify.

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    I appreciate all the work you put in for the videos 😩😩

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    You forgot Patrick Star how could you Alex

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    its such a cult classic

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    I’m a cup

    Alex deserves an Oscar for best song of all time

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    4:29 Never gonna give you up neve r gonna let you down

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    i need the song on spotify

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    So when are you dropping Shut Up, You're Not My Real Dad on spotify?

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    They sacrificed her for fame

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    that james charles joke KILLED me

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    Tom Eye The SFM guy

    Jennifer's Body. The SECOND movie, that I've seen, penned by Diablo Cody, has a Scott Pilgrim vs. the World cast member, and has J.K Simmons.

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    Army _rio

    the song💀💀💀

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    A.V K.

    I hate that this movie was so underappreciated, it should have been marketed to young girls instead of boys, this only happened because of the disgusting studios and the fact that this movie was purely megan fox being attractive in thier eyes. This movie subverts the male gaze and doesnt make the women innocent sexual creatures who need to be saved, its women who have been hurt by men, its women who hurt each other placed in a horror setting and honestly it's just such a wonderful movie

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    11:56 - 12:18 Glorious

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    Lmao you seem bitter 4:05

  • V


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    Future Healer

    Ummm i guess your song was nice

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    ShUT Up You’Re Not MY ReAL DaD! WhooOOahAahaaooOo!


    Young Neil? YOUNG NEIL

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    Demon bite = stand arrow

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    fire poet

    Your character reminds me of Casper

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    Katelyn Villegas

    Nah cuz shut up you’re not my real dad is literally my life story 😔😔😔🔥🔥 so deep

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    Christian McCabe

    I really think if they remade it with a more thought out intention for what everything means I feel like they could really do what this movie was trying to be

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    She should’ve just ate them would’ve been doing us all a favor.

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    I need “shut up your not my real dad” as a full length song.

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    I loved the sad emo music

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    Sheena Tudor

    You should check out Ginger Snapes, which is very similar to Jennifer's body but better and came out first.

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    Who else wants to do a cover of Alex's song? xD

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    Filipe Pereira

    "Something spooky happens" Gets an add

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    That song was fire- officially release it! 😂😂😂

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    Jake-X Whiteboard Cleaner

    11:00 - 12:18, every teenage break-up failed rock band be like

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    Keeta May

    I like that it was corny. I watched it when I was 14 though so i have like a childood attachment to it.

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    why do Alex's videos just fly by 20 mins feels like 10 min lol😀

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    You should watch ginger snaps

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    I'm glad that he didn't include The kissing scene. 😗

  • Sammi

    Fox and Seyfried both said it was their favorite movie to have starred in when it came out. Also I unironically have always loved it 😅

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    song on iTunes????

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    Kandi Maciejewski

    I just keep thinking about Chris Pratt being there - WHY?

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    Elisha Rudy

    Alright. How do you like the video twice?

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    Blue Tasneem

    3:52 Marty from Gilmore Girls? really?

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    The Yeoshin

    Amanda and Megan kissing was the only good part of it.

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  • bongformer sluys
    bongformer sluys

    he only talks to the death girls , the girl so why did u talk to me ?? the bo ur death to me thats why

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    10:58 WHY IS IT ACTUALLY GOOD?????????

  • Kyler and Kohin E
    Kyler and Kohin E

    7:46 wtf

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    Kideto Hellfire Mibu

    Is there anything this guys does not call dumb? Or is that just for click bait?

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    The huge airpods had me dying 😂😂😂

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    TV Critics

    Thumbnail: The craziest movie I've ever seen *Thinks about the movie Heathers* Me: Could be debatable

  • Nicole Morales
    Nicole Morales

    So I think that the overall idea of the movie was actually good, but it needs work in writing, directing and acting (this is pretty much everything related to a movie). But I feel like if there were to be a remake with some help here and there, you can have a decent movie.

  • Jazz Fluff
    Jazz Fluff

    *Stabs best friend/demon in the heart* *mom walks in I can see how this might look a LITTLE suspicious

  • Kail

    Narrator: Something spooky happens Ads suddenly pops up. Me: This is far worst than i thought.

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    Andrea Labonair

    “Shut up you’re not my real dad” 😭😭💃🏼💃🏼

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      Erdones ls

      It slaps

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      Peter Griffin

      36 seconds

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    Jaylen Shupe

    This whole video had me deaddddd 😭🤷🏽‍♀️

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    The luxuriant car intraperitonally bless because cobweb additonally open like a best reading. bashful, plastic thomas

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    weird human being

    why was the song actually lit tho lmaoo

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    How about you Sally? “I love horssses.” I’m dead 😂😂

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    Garrett Schwarz

    Was laughing the entire video!!!

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    this is why I date people ive known for 6 years...

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    lizzy loves turtles


  • Do Better with Christian
    Do Better with Christian

    I love when you write songs. This is second only to the Riverdale tune lol

  • Ren :D
    Ren :D

    regarding your comments at the end of the video: one word misogony. It would make more sense to have Jennifer get revenge on the guys who screwed with her, however because of how misogony works, it instead pits the two main female characters against eachother, and has jennifer direct all her anger and needy instead of the ones who actually were responsible sorry the the spelling errors english isnt my first language

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    Aerdna Ecra

    The music video OMG!

  • Jurzii Elam
    Jurzii Elam

    This entire movie could have been prevented if Jennifers parents taught her stranger danger why would you go into a strangers van that is The dumbest possible thing

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