Jessie was a weird show...

  • Alex Meyers
    Alex Meyers

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    • Zain mapping
      Zain mapping

      I agree Jessie was a wired show

    • Miraculous Episode Shorts English
      Miraculous Episode Shorts English

      Can you do a video of TMNT anyone ifk. 2018 the new one?

    • Chavanae Edwards
      Chavanae Edwards

      U should make a video on the show (never have I ever) on Netflix and (Ashley Garcia genius in Love)

    • Obese MOM KOD
      Obese MOM KOD

    • Mason Clark
      Mason Clark

      This is younger version of bunked

  • h ep
    h ep

    "I had no idea Cameron was in it" umm literally it's the role everyone knows him for

  • Zi Ze
    Zi Ze

    Why does this make me watch the show?

  • Jesse Playz Savage
    Jesse Playz Savage

    As of someone named Jesse I still watch the show to this day. I have watched over 50% of it

  • Nyjay

    After all these years, you’re trying to cancel Jessie like you do everything else

  • Subhan Latif
    Subhan Latif

    Jessie isn’t werid

  • Bayleigh

    I acc love Jessie

  • Ash & Cipher
    Ash & Cipher

    Ultimate childhood crush was on Debbie Ryan

  • itz_Ehehkh

    finally thank you ive been begging you for 8 months true

  • Ethan Montenegro
    Ethan Montenegro

    It was weird but the best

  • Adam Yerima
    Adam Yerima

    what was the point of the parents adopting the kids anyway? their rarely around them

  • Zaydon Leong
    Zaydon Leong

    the kids parents doing the devils tango wth

  • Ayden Vasser
    Ayden Vasser

    Jesse was our child hood no matter what we loved it and sprouted a new series.

  • Faze_obama

    I damn well I thought you were about dis my favorite show 😂

  • LittleMissKitty _07
    LittleMissKitty _07

    Honestly, tysm for making this. I was just thinking of shows I watched when I was like 8 or 9, and instead of just finding the shows myself, I'd rather watch some random guy laugh at how stupid the shows are

  • Alya Ayedh
    Alya Ayedh

    Do good luck charlie next

  • The X Man
    The X Man

    I’m just gonna say it, the best 2010s Dcoms were Lab rats, and Gamers guide.

  • hamoodhabibi

  • sherman urena
    sherman urena

    Can you react to the Ultimate Spiderman

  • shut your bitch ass dumb ass lookin ass the fuck up
    shut your bitch ass dumb ass lookin ass the fuck up

    Wait did he actually live in Japan for 12 years?

  • Julie Gutierrez
    Julie Gutierrez

    You should react to I am Frankie

  • Ducky Gunner
    Ducky Gunner

    Watch gravity falls

  • Preben Hans-Ampiah
    Preben Hans-Ampiah

    “Chicken ala Chernobyl” I’m screaming 🤣🤣🤣🤣💔💔

  • Ashley Pellum
    Ashley Pellum

    He almost has nothing good to say about any show or movie.

  • Aaron


  • Overly Positive Fanboy
    Overly Positive Fanboy

    When I heard "Galactapus", I thought of a Platypus. Am I weird?

  • Overly Positive Fanboy
    Overly Positive Fanboy

    Watching this video as a Diary of a Wimpy Kid fan is an experience.

  • Flight pro 2013
    Flight pro 2013

    Love you videos

  • guynamedari

    One thing bothered me about the show is that even in life risking situations,they still crack up very cocky jokes Sure that’s practically every other sitcom but it really shows on Jessie

  • Erick Eurosa
    Erick Eurosa

    She knows how to fly a helecopter becuase she comes from a military school and her dad taught how to do it

  • Pantherix

    Is there a movie you do like?

  • Linda Duchscherer
    Linda Duchscherer

    Jesse was legendary

  • Vrqtxs

    This show will always have a special place in my heart, i've probably watched it like 4 times lmao.

  • tonguekisser89

    isnt that literally the entrance from suite life of zac and cody

  • Kimberlie Verschoor
    Kimberlie Verschoor

    We loved Jessie! It was absurd, but insanely funny!

  • Xxms.gurlxX

    okay why did these people adopt 3 kids and just leave and nor take care of any of their 4 kids? 😃

  • Ash lewis Martin
    Ash lewis Martin

    3:59 its an opsion

  • Ash lewis Martin
    Ash lewis Martin

    Jessie is my chilhood

  • baieeleaf B
    baieeleaf B

    Jessie was literally the last show I started watching on Disney but never finished bc I stopped watching Disney and Nickelodeon around that time if that makes sense.. I grew out of that era when this show was on I guess 🤷‍♀️😂

  • Katie Martin
    Katie Martin

    As soon as I saw Cameron Boyce, all of that nostalgia of me watching this show and having a slight crush on him just hit me like a huge tidal wave. I miss him so much. 🥺🥺😭😭

  • Sir tops
    Sir tops

    Can you watch christmas chronicles or goosebumps?

  • DisneyStar

    You need to watch the spin off bunk’d

  • sedarice covington
    sedarice covington

    The fathers real job is to be the regional manager at Stanford Dunder Mifflin

  • P.J. Davis
    P.J. Davis

    You should do Kickin it next

  • Marcus Randall
    Marcus Randall

    Also, i use grammerly

  • Marcus Randall
    Marcus Randall

    Me: like this g- Him: Talk about Jessie Me: you dare oppose me, mortal

  • ♡︎乃卂Ҝㄩ-ꫝꪮꫀ♡︎

    Alex: you may have heard of grammarly before. Oh- you have no idea.

  • The_Void


  • Joseph Rodriguez
    Joseph Rodriguez

    OMG! I loved this show as a kid and still occasionally watch it to this day.

  • 4ustin27

    Seen this show 5 times

  • Atticus Sullivan
    Atticus Sullivan

    lol do bunked if u haven't yet

  • Bishop Collins
    Bishop Collins

    Not me watching this video while my sister watches the *FIRST EPISODE OF JESSIE.*

  • cool art
    cool art

    Plzz do angle its on Disney plus🤞🤞😁

  • John Spoodermen
    John Spoodermen

    You know Jessie was a weird show when they crossover with Spider-Man, I’m not making this up they really did a crossover with the ultimate Spider-Man cartoon as a Halloween special you can look it up

  • Chancey Nworka
    Chancey Nworka

    The parents are giving Angelina and Brad

  • kaa

    8:33 woah that's cool, do u speak japanese?

  • Julka. Julka
    Julka. Julka

    Alex. You should do the nickelodeon version of Winx Club. You have to start from season 1 episode 2 to meet characters but start from season 2 episode 8 to meet all the main characters

  • Dana ThePitaFox
    Dana ThePitaFox

    its my first time seeing something from jessie but dosent the house look like carly house from icarly

  • ObstreperousWit

    I just found out about Jassi from Indian disney and now seeing this I realise that it was a spinoff of this show and damn the actors did a great job copying these chatacters.

  • Lordofdragonss

    Miss Kipling was a STAR

  • KawaiiPotatoRose!

    6 year old me seeing the Jessie episode with Mr. Moseby, and a referance to Cody and Bailey: Huh, who's that guy? Me now who loves old disney shows seeing that episode: **gasp!** YO SISTA! ITS MR MOSEBYYYYYYYYY My sister: MR MMOSEBYYYYYY Me: hahaaa jk But there is cody **lies** Her: oh, well, then bai. Me: JK ITS MR MOSEBY Her: LEMME SEE

  • Nadia Serrano
    Nadia Serrano

    He should do thundermans

  • Eduardo Velasquez
    Eduardo Velasquez

    Why Alex Meyers Is so dumb:

  • Sean benjamin Long
    Sean benjamin Long

    Please do kim possible

  • Diary of Aydiin Robinson
    Diary of Aydiin Robinson

    I didn’t like Jessie but when I watched I was addicted

  • Cyltrx

    make an anime review channel

  • Freya Brenkus
    Freya Brenkus

    Do avatar the last airbender

  • That One  Girl …
    That One Girl …

    I hate Jessie

    • Spencer Mills
      Spencer Mills

      The show or character?

  • Hoodles

    I remember hearing about Jessie all the time when I was a kid but like… never watched it.

  • Frence wrabbit and Storm night
    Frence wrabbit and Storm night

    Can’t wait for you to destroy my childhood

  • Conner🖇


  • ⚜Nightmare_Gamer⚜

    Fun fact:there is an Indian version of Jessie named jassie

  • The Ironic Pepper
    The Ironic Pepper

    Luke you adorably hilarious Little shit!

  • Din Djarin
    Din Djarin

    RIP Camron. We miss you

  • Din Djarin
    Din Djarin

    I always felt so bad for how they treated bertrum, until the later seasons when they started treating him as a family member and he seemed happier,

  • froggy

    I liked Jessie because how unique it was from other Disney shows

  • Andrew Alexander
    Andrew Alexander

    When theres animated disney shows ''so you have chosen fame and veiws''

  • Lowleague Boii
    Lowleague Boii

    Pls do camp kikiwaka it’s sorta a follow up show of this using those mad kids

  • Lowleague Boii
    Lowleague Boii

    Love how I see so many ppl from other shows that I’ve watched

  • Rosa

    Man I loved Jessie when I was young. I kinda went through a phase though of “Oh I don’t like it anymore because I realize it was not perfect in story writing or something”, then I realize I like it still and yeah it’s not perfect, but I still love it for the memories and laughs it gave me. Also side note: I kinda did like the spin-off Bunk a bit, but then started to dislike like it after when I think season 3 got rid of some characters before. Though I noticed it has five seasons so maybe I should rewatch it and give it a try again to see if anything different happens. R.I.P Cameron Boyce, you’ll be forever miss….

  • Zain mapping
    Zain mapping


  • Mariana Ribeiro
    Mariana Ribeiro

    fr, jessie was my childhood, i loved it to the level that 12:00 am and 4:30 pm was my holy hours, no one talk to me, im watching jessieee, when it ended i was like FR??? it really made my afternoons, RIP cameron boyce

  • Henry Entertainment System
    Henry Entertainment System

    4:40 you should pitch this show to Disney Channel

  • Ember Pun
    Ember Pun

    I don't understand why would LA be any different

  • Hashtag Cel Ellehcor.
    Hashtag Cel Ellehcor.

    u should try bunkd next

  • Tristan Dimitrijev
    Tristan Dimitrijev

    why did you call her an atractive young waman.She is not that atractive.


    Cover bunk'd

  • May & Mom
    May & Mom

    You must be really bored to be insulting Disney shows. And how do you know a lot about the show if you hate it so much!? 😅

  • Mr.Pancakes

    I've never heard him make this many innuendos

  • さゆり

    Yo Alex you live in Japan? Me too! Where are you located?

  • Norah Gustafsson
    Norah Gustafsson

    When I think about it, this show was kind of racist.

  • IAmBrii

    They adopted all these kids to never be there for them until they are already like almost out of high school.

  • Alus Jones
    Alus Jones

    This show was deadass kinda racist yet I ate it up as a kid

  • Wink

    wait I thought Jessie was in her mid-20s at least in Jessie, I'm around her age now so I now understand how irresponsible she was as a nanny cuz I definitely couldn't spontaneously be a guardian of 4 kids

  • Artixell Animations
    Artixell Animations


  • israte esha
    israte esha

    8:34 atleast now we know what kind of anime you watch

  • Leo A6 300 Yt
    Leo A6 300 Yt

    My child hood

  • Dwight Schrute
    Dwight Schrute

    I used to love that show but it’s a shitshow

  • Chloe M
    Chloe M

    trollhunters the tales of arcadia. its on Netflix. its the weirdest show and there's 2 other shows that that take place in the same time in the same town with character crossovers

  • Sai Kaushal
    Sai Kaushal

    You have a girlfriend??!