Mean Girls 2 is the worst movie I've ever seen...

  • Zookeeps 13
    Zookeeps 13


  • Broken Pieces
    Broken Pieces

    9:13 Her leg should be fucking broken if not fractured! A Vespa fell straight on her leg. 11:50 From what my dad told me, any sugar in an engine and the vehicle is pretty much totalled. 12:25 Let’s be honest, irl someone would have gotten their phone out to start recording or something. In which case it could be used as evidence against Mandy and she could be arrested for tresprassing and destruction of property.

  • Galyna Mingazutdinova
    Galyna Mingazutdinova

    2:07 - so they basically took the origin for a MC from Sydney White with Amanda Bynes...well well well. (4:59 - yup, they did. Combo)

  • Mellow Marsh
    Mellow Marsh

    They missed the opportunity to have a "plastic" main character move to a new school run by the "Basics", who are pretentious intellectuals. And have her alter her personality to fit in with them- Oh wait that's Legally Blonde

    • Galyna Mingazutdinova
      Galyna Mingazutdinova

      Oh, 21 Jump street, anyone?

  • Brinkle Town
    Brinkle Town

    Id just like to point out the Karate girl had a pink belt, but there is no pink belt in karate

  • Elijah Hountondji
    Elijah Hountondji

    “- All kinds of spoken word entertainment-“ why does this sound so wrong

  • Alvarenga Hale
    Alvarenga Hale

    When I saw this I’m like I agree

  • 1010moonwolf

    7:21 WHAT IS ON UR COMPUTER SCREEN😰🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

  • Grace Kelley
    Grace Kelley

    Honestly, the character that made this movie insufferable is Mandi. She's cartoonishly evil, obsessed with Abby due to some really childish jealousy that she never got over (I think she's jealous just because Abby was richer than her and kept accidentally one-upping her(?)), and apparently has nothing better to do than just fuck around with Abby and people who befriend her. She's just so unrealistically evil that I wanted to choke her to death through the screen. Like, her trying to get someone to lose her home is disgusting, and the movie doesn't seem to realize it. It tries to paint certain moments so cartoonish at times and others as deadly serious. So am I supposed to laugh at the idea that this girl is trying to ruin another person's livelihood? Or should I find it horrid and hate her even more? Which is it, movie? And sure, she gets arrested, but I think her dad pulls some strings, so all she gets as punishment is picking up trash?! NO. ... They should have had Mandy's comeuppance be to also get hit by a bus, only instead of breaking some bones, she dies slowly and painfully with no one to help her. And the thing is, the actress has done well in other roles, but this role is so horrid that I'm sure no one could make it good. I'm sure it comes across how annoyed I was by this character and seeing these clips has just reminded me of how awful she is. And I only watched this movie once, several years ago.

  • Maria Calabrese
    Maria Calabrese

    All right listen what the dude said was a little sexist but she didn’t have to pick up the thing and be like oh no I lIkE tO blah blah blah

  • Froppy_*kero*

    “Mandy farts when she pees and watches dubbed Anime” Me who also watches dubbed Anime: 👁👄👁 Hello I am the new Mandy

  • Vitina Morabito
    Vitina Morabito

    Couldn't she just have like called the cops? Whatever Mandy did to that car had to have been illegal.

  • The Nonfictional Explainer
    The Nonfictional Explainer

    Now make a muppet

  • SoFi

    This is like a bad parody of mean girls 1

  • Dr. Neena Shrivastava
    Dr. Neena Shrivastava

    This is the like the cursed child of harry potter

  • Villain AY
    Villain AY

    So we’re not gonna address 7:02 ? 😂

  • KateKate

    Stay Hydrated

  • T r e e
    T r e e

    They did bad representation of what Karate is as a martial artist myself.

  • Haruhi Souh
    Haruhi Souh

    I bet it would shock all of you that it took less than a month to film this😂

  • Amina Mclean
    Amina Mclean

    Not the dubbed anime

  • Lena Storm
    Lena Storm

    11:10 It took me eleven minutes and ten seconds to realize that the blond girl on the left is "Emma" from "H2O - Just add Water"! I was sitting there, watching the video, trying to figure out where I know her from.

  • hoor alain
    hoor alain

    i agree billion times with you .

  • Missab4000

    The actress who plays Abby’s mom loves to be in terrible movies.

  • flmspisces

    they look like some 3rd grade after they watch mean girls , lol 😂

  • AnotherChannel 243
    AnotherChannel 243

    Is it me or does Alex sometimes sound like The Clown from Dead by Daylight when he laughs. It’s probably just me

  • John Pollock
    John Pollock

    Hi jo

  • Daniel Orozco
    Daniel Orozco

    This movie is so cringey and embarrassing.

  • Tyler Leigh
    Tyler Leigh

    It really was one of the worst movies I've ever seen 😂

  • Sophia's World
    Sophia's World

    The plastics look like they’re wearing their grandma’s curtains

  • Andrew K
    Andrew K

    8:28 that crushing the cup thing, that's totally a guys hand, not hers.

  • AfroBuddy

    I wonder if the students know that they have an original vampire at their high school!!!!

  • •angel In the sky•
    •angel In the sky•

    Hope might be the most normal of the new plastic

  • Lilia Hu
    Lilia Hu

    This movie is awful because the "teenage girls" act like they're in gr.3

  • ParkChimChimstolemyheart

    Hope the hypochondriac is the only one surviving this panini 😂

  • 𝐻 𝐴 𝑁 𝑁 𝐴 𝐻
    𝐻 𝐴 𝑁 𝑁 𝐴 𝐻

    Can you do Buffy The Vampire Slayer it’s on stan. Also can you do the other hunger game movies pleaseeeeee

  • Tinygoat Animates Stuff
    Tinygoat Animates Stuff

    “To win the race, you have to be in the race.” - Jo's dad or something idk

  • Mariah Fatmah Martinez
    Mariah Fatmah Martinez

    Lol 😭🤜🏼

  • IceGem Cryzzi
    IceGem Cryzzi

    This movie is just an embarrassment to the original one.

  • Shannon Smith
    Shannon Smith

    I still don’t get how this is even a sequel

    • Janaka

      The only single connection with the first is the Principle

  • Redmist 2004
    Redmist 2004

    You should review terminator the Sarah Connor chronicles

  • Redmist 2004
    Redmist 2004

    Would have been interesting is Jo’s dad was Dominic Toretto

  • vaidehi mythili
    vaidehi mythili

    The "pLaStIcS" look like the type of people you would find at the desperate wannabes table.

  • Nathaniel's cherry blossom
    Nathaniel's cherry blossom

    wait- I never seen this movie before. is that Claire Holt as Chastity?

  • Hey Stob It
    Hey Stob It

    The "I'm not like other girls" is so overused, and got old fast.

  • Joshua Hooks
    Joshua Hooks

    Moped* fixed it for ya

  • Nathan Fernandes
    Nathan Fernandes

    7:21 nice visual gag (on the left computer screen)

  • Tredx

    Mean Girls 2 is terrible

  • Brandon Vinall
    Brandon Vinall

    9:33 I swear that’s the boss theme from “Persona 5”! Are you a fan Alex? c:

  • Nunya Buissness
    Nunya Buissness

    Jos character was so bad i was starting to like mandy

  • Dorothy Aru
    Dorothy Aru

    Watch Joshua and the promised land

  • UlrikkeL94

    I like to pretend this film doesn't exist


      Me too

  • Jake-X Whiteboard Cleaner
    Jake-X Whiteboard Cleaner

    "I didn't have any friends, but look at how good I am at making sock puppets now!" - Alex Meyers 2021

  • DJ's Vlogs
    DJ's Vlogs

    The Mean Girls 2 is amazing its not even that bad i mean "Mandi" is the No. 1 Plastic and heartbreaker

  • G.

    I watched it for 5 minutes and i be like "this is lame im not gonna watch it. Is this even real?"

  • Dikaste de Rook
    Dikaste de Rook

    "It's like a bad Disney Channel movie" Considering the regular level of Disney Channel movies, this says a LOT.

  • Se7en

    I love how in these movies, the girls always cry or mildly raise their voice at the bullies. The main character is a petrolhead raised by her dad but she's never thrown a punch in her life? Just drop a bitch and be done with it.

  • Franzi S
    Franzi S

    This movie is soooooppppp bad

  • Husam Awwad
    Husam Awwad

    I just now realized that Jo is Tess from camp rock

  • Jay Martinez
    Jay Martinez


  • Evie Loves Pickle
    Evie Loves Pickle

    Means girls two is terrible. Also can you do the In The Heights film adaptation?

  • Annie

    Whole the phone....I watched this movie like 3 times already NOT KNOWING REBEKAH MIKAELSON WAS IN THIS MOVIE! WHAT?

  • Rrx is god
    Rrx is god

    Do you need help because that what all of your videos say

  • Lucia Knight
    Lucia Knight

    I literally cried at the end of mean girls like 💀

  • Huynhgiao P
    Huynhgiao P

    im going to make a bet that they BEGGED for a pg-13 rating.

  • Maria Castillo
    Maria Castillo

    When jo says "let's do this like man" like what teenage girl would actually say that? If someone actually did all the bs that Mandy did to Jo they would probably just get in a fight or something like that

    • Maria Castillo
      Maria Castillo

      @Janaka yh Probably

    • Janaka

      You would think as tough and stereotypical as Jo acts, she would've learned how to fight.

  • Irad Nuriel
    Irad Nuriel

    How this movie is anything related to mean girls 1? It looks like this movie could be called anything else and it wouldn’t be noticed

  • Artistic Gamer14
    Artistic Gamer14

    Mean Girls 2 is the equivalent of Paramount's Heathers. Completely misses the point of the original and tries to be "edgy and relatedable"

    • Artistic Gamer14
      Artistic Gamer14

      Actually, I think Alex should watch and review both the Original 1979 Heathers to the new Heathers (known as Peathers in the fandom)

  • jimin loml [ they / them ]
    jimin loml [ they / them ]

    Can you do the movie “Flipped”? It’s my favourite movie 😩 (it’s on Netflix)

  • India Vaughan
    India Vaughan

    The real question is why did it have to be a dovetail joint?

  • sounay sunday
    sounay sunday

    Did someone’s else’s hand just crush the drink?

  • Kat Baggetz
    Kat Baggetz

    Now you know it’s a trashy movie when it doesn’t even have the same characters as the last movie. They might as well just name it “Mean Girls Dollar Tree Version.”

    • FallenShonen VA
      FallenShonen VA

      15:06 Almost none of the same characters

  • Shrek Has layers
    Shrek Has layers

    i couldn’t watch 5 minutes of this movie, i saw the outfits and decided it was too cringe

  • NA 19
    NA 19

    ‘Do I look like most girls?’ 🤢🤢🤢🤢

  • Joshua 5f16
    Joshua 5f16

    I’m not like most girls 6:04

  • Alvarado Family
    Alvarado Family

    me: *sees this movie* also me: BURN IT WITH FIRE

  • Eric Zhou
    Eric Zhou

    This movie should have been in the Burn Book

  • benedetta prati
    benedetta prati

    Why do kids in movies always want to go to their dead parents university?

  • preston heil
    preston heil

    I just wow I am glad I didn’t watch this 😂 lol I agree with you now this is my opinion others may like this.

  • HTW

    Fell flat right on its face

  • Eye Drops
    Eye Drops

    The fact that I saw this first before the Mean Girls as a kid, I really am in great disbelief and shove the memories that I have watched this first.

  • Molly Young
    Molly Young

    Jo should screw it and become trans if she wants to keep on ranting abt how she’s more like a man than a girl

  • chanel #1
    chanel #1

    its not bad

  • The Fandom Child
    The Fandom Child

    Plot twist: Jo’s trans

  • Mrboy21ful

    I mean they should've just stopped at the first one.

  • 몰래몰래

    it's hard to choose between seeing this movie and being mistreated by Regina George. and there's no Mean Girls 1, just Mean Girls because there's no successor for 'the best teen movie ever made'

  • Ziggy Berman
    Ziggy Berman

    What are the outfits oml

  • Pk K
    Pk K

    Acc to media - Girls who wear black and pants are badass , "manly" , brave ppl , not toxic , strong Girls who wear pink and skirts - lazy, mean , dramatic , toxic af Stop portraying stereotypical female colors and clothing like this and same goes for females wearing black and pants . Clothing does not portray someone's personality.

  • Rowan Crowder
    Rowan Crowder

    Joe is the worst kind of misogynist🙄

  • nopelol

    9:44 ... who hurt u alex LMFAO

  • nopelol

    bruh u have a problem with EVERY movie made LMFAO

  • Laura Walkendorf
    Laura Walkendorf

    Its the fact that this entire movie was filmed in 2 weeks for me

  • Its Toca Carla
    Its Toca Carla


  • Horse Joint
    Horse Joint

    2:23 (The last school they showed) What is she Megamind(if you watched Megamind you'll know what I'm talking about and if not, the fuck are you doing. GO WATCH MEGAMIND!)

  • Atreyeerc

    "I'm giving you the fi-" Oops, wrong movie.

  • sucdi Liban
    sucdi Liban

    Everytime sheriff stilinksi plays single dad

  • Stranger 173
    Stranger 173

    Can you PLEASE do a video on Austin & Ally?!?!?!

  • salvadoroars

    Mean girls 2 can't sit with us.

  • Chicken Chips
    Chicken Chips

    Woman gets mad at some dude for being asked to decorate something

    • Chicken Chips
      Chicken Chips

      @VAPX007 i can't tell if this is ironic or not but idc either way

    • VAPX007

      He was following some pretty sexist stereotype thinking.

  • Ariix

    Mandi is straight up annoying spoiled little bitch. Regina was a terrifyingly smart manipulative queen that everyone simultaneously fears and admires, who had her own struggle and relatable moments

  • Amy Stout
    Amy Stout

    The sexism in this movie is just... awful