I don't even know what Riverdale is anymore...

  • Alex Meyers
    Alex Meyers

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      Lion Boy


    • ifham 1410
      ifham 1410

      Yoo... Can any help me in finding the bgm In Season 4 episode 13 at 34:30 .... That kissing scene...

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      Everything Chris Prime


    • CaptianFruitLoops

      You should do a video on Napoleon Dynamite

    • angerock49

      I feel like that's promoting gambling and in app purchases, you have a young audience :/

  • Lemoon-Tea

    Man i never watched riverdale but as an archie comics fan this just hits different

  • Nafeesah Fathima
    Nafeesah Fathima

    Me after reading the title : You and me both brother. Also I dropped the show after like 2 seasons. It got so fcking cringe and dumb I honestly started feelings sorry for the actors.

  • Winter Rose
    Winter Rose

    you know alex has been watching too much of riverdale when he doesn't make fun of trashbag killer's name lmao

  • Jenny Basa
    Jenny Basa

    It is a shame how Riverdale was destroyed by mediocre writing. Did Aguirre actually hire professional writers or just picked them randomly by drawing straws? Either the latter or Aguirre actually had his hand on it and insisted on horrible scripts. The characters have veered so far away from the comics that the only thing similar would be their names. That's about it. I'm all for the story going dark.... it would work well... had the writing been great. I really didn't know what was going on anymore and I completely lost interest on the show. I stopped watching after season 2, watched again hoping season 5 would be better, then stopped again because it's clear it wasn't going anywhere that made sense. I'm just curious to see what the finale would be... if they ever still are on air by then.

  • Nikia Velasquez
    Nikia Velasquez

    Hi can you please watch miraculous ladybug tales of cat Noir

  • Maria Rojas
    Maria Rojas

    "Archie's Weird Mysterys" good times (it's like Riverdale but more kid friendly)

  • Tropical T
    Tropical T

    What is this show now 😭 “Riverdale is dying and it’s up to our trusty 4 to save it” like… atp just let that show go

  • Cyltrx

    Anime is better qwq

  • sonn1e momo
    sonn1e momo

    Wait...THIS IS A THING?!

  • Nataliya Pochernyai
    Nataliya Pochernyai

    You know, i blame Riverdale for taking real problems, that every person could have in their life and turning it into something stupid. *spoiler alert* Like Veronica's parents divorcing, her mom having an affair, her dad being sick or how her dad interferes with her love life. Or take Betty: not everyone's dad is a serial killer, but a lot of us can relate to the situation, when your parent does something bad, that affects a lot of people, and you forced to live in his shadow. Or also parents divorcing. Or you having anxiety or mental illness(this whole 'darkness' stuff). Or the whole story about 'Jug going to a fancy school, making new friends and a growing distance between them, as they get older' is SO REAL! Speaking about Jughead: being a kid from a wrong side of the tracks, growing up poor, with a single father, who is a recovering addict and pursuing his dream of being a writer, instead of being a lawyer or a doctor is a pretty cool story itself! Let's talk about Archie. Losing his father at a young age, and trying to help people in his hometown, but feeling helpless, cause you're so alone sounds real. Riverdale took this amazing storylines and just throw them into trash, without even exploring. The whole Cheryl-Tony story is ridiculous. THEY LITERALLY KILLED SOMEBODY IN COLD BLOOD AND NOBODY CARES! THEY UNDIGGED THE CORPSE OF JASON AND HE SITTED AT THE DINNING TABLE.WHY DO TONY LIVE IN THAT HOUSE FOR GOD'S SAKE?! a corpse!!!! The 2 interesting line of the show that was half-decently developed were Archie and Betty sort of having feeling for each other and this affecting their relationship with J and B, and how Archie still trying to process his dad'd death. It was decent, that Fred diet not from a bullet in a fight, but trying to help another person. It's sad how they wrapped up other storylines, though. Watching this show cause of the lighting (which is beautiful, as a whole town itself) and i wanna know how it ends.

  • Sunaina Sharma
    Sunaina Sharma

    Honestly I got bored just by watching this , but thanks now I won't waste my time watching Riverdale 👍

  • Capt Panda
    Capt Panda

    Riverdale is trash but i can't stop watching

  • Alex Woods
    Alex Woods

    I like to watch these videos. They remind me why I gave up on riverdale lol.

  • Debbie Robinson
    Debbie Robinson

    Seriously I think I would help Hiram if he ask me to

  • melanie solis
    melanie solis

    I thought Riverdale was full of mysterious and beautiful romance but this is just weird ass shit it’s like the people who wrote this didn’t have anything plan but they wanted money so they just threw whatever they thought in seconds it like when someone cuts their hair at 3 am but regret it in the morning I kinda enjoyed Riverdale it was just them showing their life’s and how tough and mysterious it could be but they were able to built beautiful things together but this feel like stage 1 where they have nothing where everything they fought for was for nothing

  • Sandro Stegmaier
    Sandro Stegmaier

    Do yourself a favor and watcch a GOOD teen drama: EUPHORIA. Would love to hear your thoughts on this!

  • Shifat Azmain
    Shifat Azmain

    Riverdale went from hmm interesting to wtf is this shit

  • John Misley
    John Misley

    It's not nearly as bad as everyone is playing it out to be. Just like most things, it's getting overwhelming hate because it's a trend

  • the other ghost girl
    the other ghost girl

    Yeah but what about MOTHMAN

  • Maggie Brooks
    Maggie Brooks

    This is what puzzles me, half the shows on the CW right now are written by the same writers, yet Riverdale is so bad. I’m not saying every CW show is top notch, but they are substantially better than Riverdale.

  • Rohit Pokhriyal
    Rohit Pokhriyal

    The first season was really good. I liked it and recommended it to some friends untilllll the musical shit started in season 2....ugghhh

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  • SH EY
    SH EY

    the comparisons to our own little world can be found everywhere also comparisons to the elites entertainment industry world

  • bored_ af
    bored_ af

    Man I love this show for the exact same reason

  • African princess
    African princess

    Archie's mad that no body cares that he's gay

  • Nako_Hitomi

    pls do new girlllllllll

  • Maria Portela
    Maria Portela

    the amount of videos Alex has made on Riverdale is a little worrying.

  • amy boakye
    amy boakye

    Did Anyone Else get the she-woolf refrence?

  • RickyBobbyJR581 d
    RickyBobbyJR581 d

    Need these seasons on netflix

  • Anonn Nymous
    Anonn Nymous

    I only seen maybe the first episode of riverdale and thought it was great. But i never continued after that because I wasn’t hooked right away because there was too many sexual scenes in it and i was more interested in the mystery of the show. But just looking at it, it just looks bizarre anymore.

  • Ebay

    The first few episodes of season five where alright

  • Ariana Bustamante
    Ariana Bustamante

    who the hell tries to save a school after you graduate? I didn't give a fuck about my old school and I still don't. as if I would want to go back.

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  • Fluffy.Pillow

    What’s so amazing about river cake?

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    I cup


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    Malyssa C

    I’m looking for that Snorelax body pillow NOW!! Bye 😘

  • caleb gio
    caleb gio

    So I'm on season 1 ep 4 lol and this just blew my mind

    • Iron man
      Iron man

      Now people just watch for their ships that's it

  • Azeezat Afolami
    Azeezat Afolami

    They look tired tired 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Ryan McCrary
    Ryan McCrary

    "I don't even know what Riverdale is anymore" Neither does the CW.

  • nansii Pii
    nansii Pii

    Highschool gives hope ?! Hiram you are adorable .. I died in that part

  • ari boo
    ari boo

    bro this show stopped making sense years ago 😭😭

  • Izere Amie Axelle
    Izere Amie Axelle

    I kinda like this. Because I have watched this many times and laugh then go back and Watch it. Thank for the videos Alex . You did great. This is nonsensically good.

    • Izere Amie Axelle
      Izere Amie Axelle

      #then come back

  • LadyLilja

    I'm sorry so Betty basically quit the FBI to become a teacher- I what-

    • rachel

      no shes still in the FBI

  • Rachel Ward
    Rachel Ward

    6:41 is nobody gonna talk about....THE TRASH BAG KILLER?!?!?!?!?!

  • Jorge Ponce
    Jorge Ponce

    The actor for Archie acts like homelander when he's pretending to be nice

  • Thomas Milton
    Thomas Milton


  • Kyana Verduyckt
    Kyana Verduyckt

    Archie’s hair looks even more fake... I mean it’s not orange but Red...

    • Isini Chandrasena
      Isini Chandrasena


  • Tish the fish
    Tish the fish

    is anybody gunna talk about how bettys whole introduction is just silence of the lambs?

  • Buddy Sam
    Buddy Sam

    I'm embarrassed I enjoy this show.. not saying its good, just saying it makes me happy for some reason

  • jideobi uchechukwu
    jideobi uchechukwu

    So, alternated carbon can't get a s3 but Riverdale gets to keep existing😶

  • Christina 93d
    Christina 93d

    I don't know what the hell happened to Riverdale season one and season 2 were the best but in the middle of season 3 it got messy and season 4 I don't even know what the hell that is and now season 5 is the same thing None of my friends even watch it anymore and honestly I stopped watching it I missed like 6 episodes because I am not feeling anymore I still love the actors But the show basically is going downhill nobody really cares for it anymore like they used to all of my friends don't watch it anymore and a lot of people I know don't even watch it And honestly I think the actors are all done with it too because you can tell by their faces they're done

  • Marcella Jenkins
    Marcella Jenkins

    The shiny methane anecdotally bounce because algebra reilly land to a mute relish. used, funny softball

  • Bruce Dallas
    Bruce Dallas

    The archy character is so bad man 🤣

  • Christopher Clark
    Christopher Clark

    The actor playing Archie is 23 playing a 25 year old

  • Brlph duu
    Brlph duu

    Sugar *i think this is bongos*

  • Ella Elliott
    Ella Elliott

    Riverdale would have made a good movie, but not a tv series

  • *Aaliyah*

    “Riverdale’s dying” I say let it die. LET IT DIEE LET IT DIE LET IT SHRIVEL UP AND DIE

  • Giraffe V.E
    Giraffe V.E

    Question: did Riverdale stop or something? To those who will say its a terrible series whatever i dont know its interesting for me sooo did it stop? I mean it has 10 episodes from season 5 but nothing more… :)

    • Giraffe V.E
      Giraffe V.E

      @rachel oh thanks!! Was it because of Covid?

    • rachel

      it comes back in the summer

  • Keshara A
    Keshara A

    Jughead could do English. Archie could do gym Veronica could do math or economics (she's on Wall Street) Betty could do whatever you can as an FBI Agent So they just left their current jobs to do teaching?

  • sarah S
    sarah S

    Riverdale is literally a public school? If they had such low funding they'd either merge with another school or just dissapear??? Cause you can't turn a state funded and owned school into a privately owned establishment with teachers who aren't certified to teach toddlers the abc's

  • sabadaba

    i can tell season 4 upset you very much with the shit shitty payoff. me as well. proceed

  • Del M
    Del M

    The “ooooh they’re singing ohhhh” sends!

  • Ifti Alam
    Ifti Alam

    Even after 7 years old, they all look the EXACT same with some hairstyle changes, facial hair and glasses. Xmen movies continuity anyone?

  • giada

    I have watched the first half of season 5. I think the season has the potential to become very interesting, despite some confusing stuff. I have to say that adult Jughead's storyline is the most interesting and well done, to me. Writers aren't just focusing on the only story he always deserved (the writer storyline). They are making his journey very complex, realistic, dark and mysterious.... and incredibly psychological. I like how Cole is playing this new version of Jughead. He is doing a fabolous job, in my opinion.

  • mia mia
    mia mia

    I can’t believe I liked this series 4 years ago

  • Anna Pan
    Anna Pan

    Riverdale was really interesting in the first season but the more seasons the more ridiculous it's been getting I stopped watching at the beginning of the third one and your videos are enough for me lol

  • El Calabozo del freak
    El Calabozo del freak


  • Neybell Sounen
    Neybell Sounen

    Pahahahahaaaaa~ .... I laugh 'cause it's sad. This Cow is milked dry, just shoot the poor thing already!!

  • Vignesh

    Dude, seriously you are so f*cking funny. LMAO 🤣🤣

  • Mitu Pattnaik
    Mitu Pattnaik

    I stopped watching midway through season 3 Can't find strength to go back 🤷🏻‍♀️



  • Maame kb
    Maame kb

    As soon as the 7 year transition came, I could just feel how disappointing and boring this season was going to be

    • mediocre art channel
      mediocre art channel

      I hate what they did to jug 😐 like him moving to the big city and being an alcoholic like his dad and grandpa? Generational drinking is something that runs in my family too but I was rooting for him 🙁 like ok he didn't have to actually be a super amazing writer but making him alcoholic is a cheap low blow and made me sad

    • Babii Rae
      Babii Rae

      Tbh 😂 like that was just a dead give away

  • Prisha Chandra
    Prisha Chandra


  • A.D.


  • Mecha G
    Mecha G

    The 2015 comic was better than this.

  • Laura russell
    Laura russell

    riverdale should of never done season 2. in my opinion the only good season was season 1

  • Artificer Gunn
    Artificer Gunn

    I don’t even watch Riverdale anymore, I just watch your videos and figure, good enough tbh

  • YumeSharkYT

    7:29 Finally its back.

  • Andrew Cameron
    Andrew Cameron

    If I didn't know better I'd think the writers were trying to tank the show.

  • Hiba Cheema
    Hiba Cheema

    slughead cones

  • Retiklo

    6:03 1 like to the video=1 respect

  • Desiree ruiz
    Desiree ruiz

    You should do umbrella academy

  • NotMehTacos

    Cheryl is my favorite character😭 I care.

  • Marina Duran
    Marina Duran

    Please do a video on Helena Bonham Carter's lost legacy


    So, Betty teaches auto-shop, Veronica teaches a business class, Jughead teaches English, still not sure what Archie teaches maybe gym? Also Jughead works at Pops, yet there is still the underlying mystery of the trucker/ killer guy so it’s the same but different and I am so there

  • Teddy Bear
    Teddy Bear

    Between this and the room, I’d actually prefer to watch the room than a tv series with 10000 seasons that have ruined my appreciation for the comics

  • WhyisPickingUsernamesSoHard

    “High school gives them hope” had me cackling

  • WhyisPickingUsernamesSoHard

    “On a typewriter” Lololololololol

  • •Lolliピップ

    I feel bad for these people

  • Hi Koie
    Hi Koie

    remember when musician wanted to be an archie? me neither

  • Kaiden W00
    Kaiden W00

    U can tell cole is completely of this shat... and im here for it


    Do one for The Order

  • Lena Rodrigue
    Lena Rodrigue

    Watching these videos are so much better than watching the actual show. 😂 so much better with this commentary

  • Mirapie

    9:10 I read his shirt as “Riverdale protecc” lmao

  • Prathit Deshpande
    Prathit Deshpande

    Now after watching all seasons of Riverdale, I think Ekta Kapoor serials make more sense!

  • s h
    s h

    Your voice sounds so different in this video!

  • sarah98917

    Why is Jughead not together with Betty 7 years later? Also, I thought Hiram was retiring after graduation. What gives?

  • Star Dazing
    Star Dazing

    I haven’t watched riverdale since season 4 because I thought it was done I come to Alex meyers every once in a blue moon to get an update...what the f**k is this why did even do a time jump. The writers keep surpassing the terrible expectations unbelievable 💀

  • Gabriella Fisher
    Gabriella Fisher

    Hiram is the real hero of the show for trying to get rid of Riverdale.