How I animate my videos

  • Alex Meyers
    Alex Meyers

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    • Daniel Moore
      Daniel Moore

      I know I'm kind of grasping at straws but at 10:17 you use these action screens (which I've seen a few times, including in your Mean Girls 2 video) but I've spent so long trying to figure out what this is from with my best guess being Thundercats (which it's not, it just has some similar shots in the opening). Can I please ask you what they're from?

    • Sophia Barron
      Sophia Barron

      I had angry birds two since 2020

    • Peter Hendrix
      Peter Hendrix

      @Nikolas Dylan yup, have been using Flixzone for since november myself :D

    • Christian Ruben
      Christian Ruben

      @Nikolas Dylan Definitely, I've been using Flixzone for years myself =)

    • Nikolas Dylan
      Nikolas Dylan

      Pro tip: you can watch series at flixzone. Me and my gf have been using it for watching loads of movies recently.

  • Miraculous Episode Shorts English
    Miraculous Episode Shorts English

    0:34 yeah... well you use any mik that works. And you use camera mabye on your computer facing you... I'm no sure how the camera is perfect and doesn't shack... I think some people Use a normal camera facing them. Screen recorder to record their screen

    • Miraculous Episode Shorts English
      Miraculous Episode Shorts English

      2:04 if you want to skip the ad

  • Tim Kilbourn
    Tim Kilbourn

    Just me but my favorite animation is “Derpy” guy I love him. He needs his own shirt.

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    Lucy Ghost

    I'm out of words....... wow

  • BalletShark0101

    Such an interesting video, thanks for sharing your process Alex!

  • نادر شرف - Nader Sharaf
    نادر شرف - Nader Sharaf

    It's so sad that the most creative video ever gets less views just cuz it's not a Commantry like the others. This kinda videos represent why i like FIshows and why i love this channel. Big Up 👌🏻✨

  • نادر شرف - Nader Sharaf
    نادر شرف - Nader Sharaf

    This deserves much much more views 👏🏻👏🏻

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    I don't think your voice is annoying

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    david kanai

    thank you so much

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    shy artist

    Ur voice isnt annoying

  • Havefunio

    dude just use keyframes for animations it will take way less time

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    Bryan Delate

    5:46 oh so traditional. Why do you hate yourself like this?

  • Layla Lilac
    Layla Lilac

    transfer darkness through what-

  • Mackenenzie

    Is there any particular reason why you prefer editing your voiceovers in Premiere over another Adobe product like Audition or Soundbooth?

  • Jurzii Elam
    Jurzii Elam

    The real question is how do you animate so fast other animation channels take six months just to make one video

  • Jared Ojeda
    Jared Ojeda

    Eres el héroe que no pedimos pero que necesitavamos XD

  • NateArt

    Alex: "FIshowsrs tend to hide their personal ways of making video like a trade secret. It's not that important guys." Also Alex: "If you can't figure out how to get TV footage on your own, you shouldn't be doing this at all. I'm not telling you how to get that." Me: *Cri*

  • Andrew Kendy
    Andrew Kendy

    Do a video showing your self

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    Elena Søgaard

    Big ol' red flag is the best 🤣🤣🤣

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    Melody Ovalles

    this is great content rightt here , i love your videos and the effort you put into them !

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    Victor Sultan

    The way you animate your videos is really bizarre..

  • AblazeMationz

    I have already started animating and I don't know why I'm watching this

  • Malvinangelo

    This makes us appreciate your videos way more this is amazong

  • SammysLittleWorld

    THANK YOU for putting the Kare Kano clips in there! Some of the animations in your videos reminded me so much of that show and it was driving me nuts! I couldn’t figure out if you drew inspiration from that show or if you and the show drew inspiration from a completely different thing! Thank you! Now I can finally sleep.

  • Priscila Salas
    Priscila Salas

    Love your animations bro😍 i am currently studying graphic design, i think we just learn the basics of animations, but I’ll definitely be focus on learning more

    • Priscila Salas
      Priscila Salas

      Cause it makes everything more dynamic

  • Nutise Chaos
    Nutise Chaos

    Yeah I tried lip syncing but ITS A PAIN!

  • Franchesca S. Mishka Gacha
    Franchesca S. Mishka Gacha

    My ADHD is satisfied that your characters move every 2 seconds

  • boi

    That’s called frame-by-frame animation.

  • Poornima S
    Poornima S

    Well you deserve a lot more success for this channel you are talented and hardworker bang on man all the best

  • WHB

    I respect you for doing the old animation style!! It's more complicated but I think it makes you unique in YT

  • WHB

    So cool!!!

  • WHB


  • Spencer P. Evans
    Spencer P. Evans

    Dude, you're awesome! I'm just sorry that the FIshows algorithm didn't recommend you to me sooner!

  • Ambiguous Impulse Productions
    Ambiguous Impulse Productions

    👏👏👏👏 thank you so much. I'm so impressed and inspired

  • Jessica Mccabe
    Jessica Mccabe

    Your animation style is greater then any other I've ever seen

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    Very informative video Alex, thanks for sharing

  • RC

    He says "simple", but just looking at this software makes me want to die

  • Jeffrey Barker
    Jeffrey Barker

    Please do “Just Add Magic”!

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    nameless cat

    hey thanks a lot for this video.

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    Benny bookworm

    4:10 Alright then, keep your secrets

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    YOU ANIMATE WITHOUT A SPECIAL SOFTWARE ???!!! Bruuuuuuuuuuh old style. RESPECT

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  • Floriana

    I just realized that u sound exactly like my history teacher damn💀

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    Why is your voice so annoying?

  • life is Good all the time
    life is Good all the time

    its so weird seeing him talk about something serious I am used to him joking around about stupid movies but I loved the video

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    Pancake Waffle


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    Hailey 115th


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    Dalia Canseco

    Props for all the work you do, I have a HUGE respect for animators like you

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  • Tristan Hernandez
    Tristan Hernandez

    I love how in the beginning he talks about how youtubers always never tell their audience anything about how they animate, and then he proceeds to do that and not tell us how he gets his clips from movies, like bruh what a hypocrite

    • allison sky
      allison sky

      your really mad for that? Tf

  • Rishabh Anand
    Rishabh Anand

    I use your video to improve my drawing skills and study the face expressions😌

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    when you are so succesful you get to be sponsored by angry birds

  • Shaganaa Gunarajan
    Shaganaa Gunarajan

    omg i always used to think how u animated so i know, you dont, your just generous and post a lot! ;)

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    Me who's currently struggling with our own animation project: thank you for recomending this YT 😭😥😍

  • sad prose
    sad prose

    what if one day i copy you but become an anime critic instead cuz i don’t want you as a rival what then /hj

    • sad prose
      sad prose

      i don’t have what it takes but i like your channel sm

  • ES Stop Motion
    ES Stop Motion

    9:00 there's this cartoon network show called ok ko let's be heroes(its pretty popular) which is one of the veryyyy few shows that draw most of the characters off model for the majority of scenes and pausing a lot of the frames will just make the characters look so funny just by looking at them and not listened to their jokes on its own

  • RareEnigma™

    I give my gratitude for taking the time to create this video sir, as a beginner animator your information and advice is immensely helpful.

  • Jaymhlur Baloyi
    Jaymhlur Baloyi

    this makes me respect youtube content creators more, especially the ones who animate

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    The Mangaka

    7:27 KAMUIII

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    this dude was sponsored by your childhood

  • Luna Scythe
    Luna Scythe

    Oh wow, I felt alone in the minority of people who still animate frame by frame... I just love the fluidity and control it gives. It's really heartening to see someone thriving with the style, lol I knew there was something I liked about it. I didnt think it was almost exactly the same way I do it...

  • Tacospaceman

    3:40 ...... you can edit the audio In audacity? 😂😭😢🥺 damn. So many voice over auditions...... how bad were they really?

  • Ana Patricia Ponce Castañeda
    Ana Patricia Ponce Castañeda

    The first line was really funny for me because I actually love his voice! 🤭💛

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    Hailey Mairs

    Are you ever gonna do a face reveal???

  • Five Bags For Life
    Five Bags For Life

    When you said “Maybe it didn’t sound much” boooyyy believe me it did sound much. I can’t believe the amount of effort and hardwork you put into each video! Great job!

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    Jade Alise

    I love your voice.

  • LilOceanED

    you should be my teacher in art class

  • E. M. Rivera
    E. M. Rivera

    that... is... incredible. i cant even draw a dog 🤣🤣 thank you for all your work alex!! i really admire you taking so much time to give us great videos. Keep up the good work and God bless you!!! ❤❤

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    Jackob Abiy

    Well, guess im ' not cut out for this gig' then

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    Lucia Silva

    I N S A N E

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    Aine Derrick

    40 hours? Thanks for letting me know I'm unserious

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    Glorified amateur!!!

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    Arlette Parker

    Miraculous ladybug

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    Fahime Fathi

    This is amazing

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    Wut i love ur voice!! Who the heck says that his voice is annoying

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    ליאורה אברהם

    You're really good at what you do.

  • Sᴏᴀᴘ

    Yeah good idea but what if you’re really lazy....

  • Kenzie's Kompilations
    Kenzie's Kompilations

    Man I miss using Adobe premiere pro. I could only use whilst I was at school, with my school account. Now that I’ve graduated, I can’t use Adobe premiere pro, I’ve resorted to audacity, for music editing, but I don’t have any video editing software.

  • Kenzie's Kompilations
    Kenzie's Kompilations

    I’m watching this video at the table eating breakfast, and my sister is sitting here too. She agreed with you that your voice is annoying. I am so shocked. I don’t think your voice is annoying at all!!

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    Pretzel Gaming

    Your voice isn’t annoying it’s calming and soothing

  • Brittany Brooks
    Brittany Brooks

    Gosh. You invest so much time on your videos. Writing a script. Drawing your content. Creating AND editing your videos. Kudos to you! Love your content

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    Liv Åkerdahl

    I will appreciate every video after this soo much more after knowing all the work behind it

  • Holly Ann Ann
    Holly Ann Ann

    I was hoping for some cool workflow hacks but wow your process looks grueling... more power to you man!! All the work you do really shows/pays off imo. If anything this is just a reminder to just do things the way that works best for me instead of doing things industry standards at all costs. Thank you for the insightful vid!

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    bz tacliad

    this video made me realise how much hard work it really takes for one video, thank you so much for doing this for our entertainment! i love all your videos :)

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    Hello Kitty

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  • Mounia

    When you're not really interested in making animation videos but still watch the video for the fun of it.

  • Semper Fi
    Semper Fi

    Much respect. You are incredibly entertaining and you have talent that will take you places. Hard work pays off

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    Araceli aka Chely

    Thank you! For sharing all this info 😭

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  • —𝔻𝕖𝕝 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕎𝕠𝕝𝕗—
    —𝔻𝕖𝕝 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕎𝕠𝕝𝕗—

    9:58 eyyyyyy domics

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    This was published on my birthday thats pretty cool

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      Happy Belated Birthday

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