KC Undercover was pretty weird...

  • Nana Love
    Nana Love

    Everybody : this is a Znedaya show Me : Is that Ashley Fink from Glee at 7:40 ?


    You sould really do never have I ever

  • Hi Ni
    Hi Ni

    I really liked this show as a little kid (I’m still a kid 14 btw) but I was kinda self conscious about it cause I thought it was considered a “girl show” lol

  • Yong Chun Lei
    Yong Chun Lei

    I actually felt bad for Ernie while watching the show-

  • Unashe Ndoro
    Unashe Ndoro

    I have a banana phone

  • Subhan Latif
    Subhan Latif

    K.C undercover is not weird

  • Sonya Gill
    Sonya Gill


  • Froppy_*kero*

    that whole shit happens in only one episode??? 😂

  • ItsInvis Mitell
    ItsInvis Mitell

    It's because that's when Disney XD was introduced

  • jencynn

    ernie gets his recognition and then gets knocked out…. HUH???

  • Menshi


  • Achilles Gaming
    Achilles Gaming

    What streaming app do you use

  • Texting Stories
    Texting Stories

    Why do all of his thumbnails say wut...

  • The Secondary
    The Secondary

    The funny thing is I used to love this show Like 5 years ago

  • John oneill
    John oneill

    The 90s sound so good

  • Jonah Rajesh
    Jonah Rajesh

    Disney is a fucking cult

    • Jonah Rajesh
      Jonah Rajesh

      But you don't want to join the Disney cult

    • Froppy_*kero*

      @Jonah Rajesh Nah I just wanna join a. cult

    • Jonah Rajesh
      Jonah Rajesh

      @Froppy_*kero* what you like Disney

    • Froppy_*kero*

      now I wanna join

  • Julie Gutierrez
    Julie Gutierrez

    You should react to I am Frankie

  • KatKat

    Dog with a blog was good in my opinion as a kid

  • KatKat

    7:38 oh hey, it's that girl from glee who was only around for like 1, maybe 2 seasons and then left for no reason.

  • Sophia Morales
    Sophia Morales

    You should do kdramas or cdramas meaning Korean shows or Chinese shows. I want you opinion in it. Please. Accidentally in love start that one or any one you want but please do Korean shows or Chinese shows!

  • Iyana LaPorte
    Iyana LaPorte

    KC undercover is where I draw the line😭

  • Pales Gensler
    Pales Gensler

    I was never a fan of this show. However I will admit that it had a really catchy theme song. Also a talented cast.

  • Captain_Jeknan

    Do Lab Rats

  • The OxyScape
    The OxyScape

    The names of the spy groups in this show are hilarious. Good Guys: "The Organisation" Bad Guys: "The Other Side" Other Bad Guys: "The Alternate"

  • The OxyScape
    The OxyScape

    Ernie was done so dirty so often in this show that it still irks me to this day. I would've rather watched a show about him.

  • Ash lewis Martin
    Ash lewis Martin

    Now I don't need to watch it tnx

  • Cozul

    The double Alex

  • Chikorita2Chante

    The only thing I'll remember from this video, is that Alex has a sense of enjoyment from one of the OG magical girl animé. Props, man.

  • Your girl Kalyn
    Your girl Kalyn

    Do feel the beat

  • Hizkia G.
    Hizkia G.

    I loved his show back than, the nostalgia

  • Mah M
    Mah M

    I LOVEEEE this show

  • Blessing Danduri
    Blessing Danduri

    Please do Austin and Ally

  • Wendy Karanja
    Wendy Karanja

    The show would have been better if they treated Earnie with respect. His family was so rude to him and he helped them complete most of their missions.

  • cool art
    cool art

    Plzz do angle its on Disney plus🤞🤞😁😁

  • Thando Manana
    Thando Manana

    I just wish ernie got a redemption arc, he never faught anyone in the entire show one on one. He was always the butt of the joke and was overlooked🥺. What kind of spy cannot fight at all, it doesnt matter if you are the intel or the brains, im pretty sure they would train everyone in case of emergency

  • Tutu

    Ernie is me..... I'm in Spain but without the S.

    • Elene samkharadze
      Elene samkharadze

      To everyone who's in pain, stay safe everyone, sending virtual hugs to you all, you matter, NEVER give up!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • olivia mcreaken
    olivia mcreaken

    this is my favorite Disney show but still this was funny

  • Kian And the bros Shorts
    Kian And the bros Shorts

    Yeah it was odd

  • Bliss Khanimambo
    Bliss Khanimambo

    Dude not cool

  • SirLuigi

    Have you done a video on Ned's Declassified?

    • Elene samkharadze
      Elene samkharadze

      No, i don't think he has done it.

  • script girl
    script girl

    I thought Ernie was very adorable, the show would have been PERFECT is Ernie was treated respectfully. K.C undercover was one of my favorite shows to watch, I don't like how Ernie was treated.

    • Elene samkharadze
      Elene samkharadze

      Yes, honestly.

  • chey


  • Johnny Icee
    Johnny Icee

    Omg I literally came here to get away from Alex clark and saw me how he followed me

  • True color Lol!!!
    True color Lol!!!

    Please do young royals plzzzzz🙏

  • DGR JR.
    DGR JR.

    Pls do a video on Tangled the series u did Miraculous so I know u do cartoons to!

  • DGR JR.
    DGR JR.

    U know I actually thought it would have been better if we got an episode where people acknowledge and deal with how Ernie and Marissa were both treated and deal with it but it’s to late bcuz they snap and become like an evil crime couple and it’s like how in tangled the series Rapunzel had to fight her former best friends (or in this case her best friend and her brother) bcuz they betrayed her when she mistreated them that would have been epic!

  • Mateo Boch
    Mateo Boch

    oh my god i didnt know anyone else watched this! next pls do a video about lab rats disney channel show btw

  • Mateo Boch
    Mateo Boch

    oh my god i didnt know anyone else watched this! next pls do a video about lab rats disney channel show btw

  • Mateo Boch
    Mateo Boch

    oh my god i didnt know anyone else watched this! next pls do a video about lab rats disney channel show btw

  • Mateo Boch
    Mateo Boch

    oh my god i didnt know anyone else watched this! next pls do a video about lab rats disney channel show btw

    • hanacharyislost

      FYI spamming makes people less likely to give attention to you but ignore you

  • poopihuman


  • Dark GeoYt
    Dark GeoYt

    Ernie deserved better he was the best character

  • Farouk boye
    Farouk boye

    Alex should do a henry danger video

  • Well wouldn’t You like to know
    Well wouldn’t You like to know

    Do Wizards of Waverly Place!!!! Ugh I loved that show!!!

  • Linda Machuene
    Linda Machuene

    Make a video about fast and furious

  • AstroWill

    Im gonna say Alex is stupid

  • Maya’s Life
    Maya’s Life

    Kc undercover was the best no one can tell me otherwise

  • Unknown Player
    Unknown Player

    Do you have pants yet

  • JD Nel
    JD Nel

    This is one of my favourite shows

  • bonqueque

    Wow, this video really opened my eyes! *I say as I go to Disney plus to watch k.c undercover for the 10th time*

  • gacha_jacob

    0:00 wut

  • Oh hell nah
    Oh hell nah

    I use to hate K.C on the cover i don't know why tho

  • Azuka 99
    Azuka 99

    Can u stop criticizing

  • Pokken Wolf
    Pokken Wolf

    Honestly, I still love this show! So much nostalgia lmao

  • KawaiiPotatoRose!

    Alex: **basically acts strange the entire time** Alex during the paid promotion part: I decided I would skrrt skrrt into a higher society. -sips tea ~fancily~-

  • Isabel Taylor
    Isabel Taylor

    3:26 So you’re Eren and you’re- woah. You this babe your with Yeager. That’s Armin. And he’s not a girl Hey there Armeen. So what do you like to do? I like to read!

  • _detectivepoof_

    Ummmm, why didn't anyone tell me that Queen Lauren Zizes was in this show?

  • William Davis
    William Davis

    You can’t ******* do this to me this show made me

  • Dan Christiaens
    Dan Christiaens

    Ok this show got me through half of COVID I watched the hole series

  • Oreo oREo
    Oreo oREo

    I watched the first episode of this years ago and just wasn't feeling it which it seemed like Zendaya wasn't either.

  • Kole Westerman
    Kole Westerman

    I thought you were dead Alex Clark

  • Din Djarin
    Din Djarin

    Even as a kid, I realized Ernie was way to neglected

  • TheNinjaInConverse

    The parts with the brother being so ignored are.... honestly a little rough to watch.

  • The Boss
    The Boss

    You know this is just a show for kids so maybe dont ruin our childhoods

  • Elena Panzieri
    Elena Panzieri

    CARDCAPTORSSSSSSS have you seen the Japanese version it’s even better!! :)

  • The Pixelators
    The Pixelators

    When this guy can't find anything negative about something: (Opening smack scene) Your still funny though.

  • Evander Pierznik
    Evander Pierznik

    Hey next can you do Lab Rats?

  • Gato

    That’s what I’m saying

  • Kate Villa
    Kate Villa

    Can u plssssss do midnight sun 😃

  • Cecy LópezV
    Cecy LópezV

    Loving the crossover

  • C. M. Thota
    C. M. Thota


  • Cait

    In the last season when the villain side of the family popped up, I was really hoping they'd embrace Ernie and he'd become a villain

  • max playYT
    max playYT

    I just love how I'm still watching these about my favorite show 😭

  • country  Sheckels
    country Sheckels

    Yalls parents buy you trucks wtf

  • Amy Stout
    Amy Stout

    7:36 i talk about glee way too much in comment sections but that is lauren from glee

  • Superstar5

    Ernie is like a live action Meg Griffin.

  • Aleksandra Cowie
    Aleksandra Cowie

    Honestly all Disney shows would be a million times better without the laugh tracks. Whenever the laugh track goes off i just don’t want to laugh

  • Jamzilla

    Good show. 💀

  • Shannah B
    Shannah B

    I'm a 80s baby raised in the 90s and I AGREE

  • underrated bish
    underrated bish

    How did I just realise that the agent that kidnapped her is Mr finn from sch of rock?

    • underrated bish
      underrated bish

      @Allison Glass the nickelodeon series not the actual movie

    • Allison Glass
      Allison Glass

      What ????????????????????????? Fr really I love school of rock

  • Grupo ilussion
    Grupo ilussion

    Can you please do The parent trap with Lindsay Lohan please

  • Iron Dan
    Iron Dan

    This guy literally says every Disney show was weird, he is a big idiot

  • Marianne Stanley
    Marianne Stanley

    If he watched just ammerah his brain will explode.

  • hii_im_trash

    wait a second- did he plan the advertisment before the video...i mean it was about clean and clear facewash and then the video starts with him saying "so thats why you dont eat chipotle before your first date" ??? what 👁️👄👁️

  • Trãîtør Y/N
    Trãîtør Y/N

    Random person: Don't you love how this dude brings back childhood memories? *Me who still watches this stuff* Also me:Yup(٥↼_↼)

  • mento taylor
    mento taylor

    Hey watch this show on Netflix called my crazy ex girlfriend it’s like a weird musical sitcom type teenish show

  • WhyYou AlwaysLion
    WhyYou AlwaysLion

    I once had a dream where I took a picture with Zac Efron and Zenday hated me for it I woke up really upset so I've vowed never to take a picture with Zac Efron ever

  • Peter McNamara
    Peter McNamara

    I... This was actually my favourite show.

    • Isaiah Mc Intosh
      Isaiah Mc Intosh

      I'm going to assume I know why.

  • Hjp 613
    Hjp 613

    Wait, ..................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................can.................................................you...................................do..................The owl house?

  • Thatcher woodson
    Thatcher woodson

    Dude you should look at pair of kings you’ll have a ball making this one

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