Life With Derek was the WEIRDEST show on Disney Channel...

  • Blaze6432

    3:15 If I remember correctly it was actually London, Ontario.

  • Mattea McIntyre
    Mattea McIntyre

    This show screams Wattpad fan fiction… like the ones you read in middle school

  • C4Zero

    Derek was a player lol

  • RYON

    Cough cough

  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous User

    Disney Channel meets Game of Thrones

  • Ophelia Black
    Ophelia Black

    for some reason I can't explain, I thought the actress that played Casey was Miley Cyrus (???), maybe because the Portuguese dub voice actor had a very similar voice to Miley's dub in Hannah Montana, or at least I thought so

  • Pete Atyeo
    Pete Atyeo

    What are you doing, stepbro?

  • TheMegaultrachicken

    That Zoombinis clip hit me in the nostalgia feels... I loved that game as a kid.

  • Fiamma Gutierrez
    Fiamma Gutierrez

    "what you're hoping to get stuck on a washing machine or something?" ☠️ 😂

  • SemajPlayz

    The original chill step bro

  • Mismatch Trish
    Mismatch Trish

    Theres an episode called "driving lessons" ...

  • Dan Lascelle
    Dan Lascelle

    Hate to be that guy but I thought it was based in London Ontario. I even remember a episode saying it, I might be wrong been awhile

  • Leo Cunningham
    Leo Cunningham

    Thought this show was a fever dream

  • Beachbumsoul

    "Watching it back now with full context" LOL


    Their interactions seem like discarded plots/scenes for PH

  • Priscila Lzo
    Priscila Lzo

    I was a teen when this was aired and my crush on Derek was huge. I still remember this show from time to time lol

  • Thomas Haddix
    Thomas Haddix


  • Sami’yi

    Casey looks like Dani Daniels 😉

  • Whatifwegohere

    Andddd giving a like for the wash machine joke

  • Timothy Kimmel
    Timothy Kimmel

    At the point where you mistake the animated guy pulling his mustache for an animated figure stretching an extra pair of eye sockets, you realize just how far your mental health has deteriorated... And maybe you watch too many horror movies.

  • Judah Buxton
    Judah Buxton


  • Aaay Jay
    Aaay Jay

    I loved this show so much.

  • Mimsy

    Istg if Kasey gets stuck anywhere I’m gonna riot

  • Mimsy

    Is… is this a kids show about step siblings falling in love with each other???

  • Damon M
    Damon M

    When I was like 9 or 10 this would come on at like 1-2am when I randomly woke up and even I thought it was garbage at that age

  • Ellie Haines
    Ellie Haines

    Plz react to Big Bang theory

  • Jess the cat
    Jess the cat

    😂 on the problem board, number two is being canadian 😂

  • getting creative with Me
    getting creative with Me

    When he said are you hoping to get stuck in the washing machine and I-🤣

  • Deon Dre
    Deon Dre

    The IGN rip was hilarious

  • PawPaw Panda
    PawPaw Panda

    “And then we learn some really important information..” *Geico add plays* “DID YOU KNOW YOU CAN SAVE THOUSANDS ON YOUR CAR INSURANCE?!”

  • Budget Nepal
    Budget Nepal

    Did you know that Japanese people are allowed to marry with their own sibling or cousins.

  • Wangxian gives me lyphe
    Wangxian gives me lyphe


  • Ian N. Scoop
    Ian N. Scoop

    I knw Alex is trying to make a good point with the whole bedroom situation, but he doesn't seem to understand the amount of stress a parent with multiple vhildren has. And a chance to have your own privacy is a once in a life time opportunity for these parents. Anyway love the channel keep up the good work Alex.👍

  • Jennifer Iyke
    Jennifer Iyke

    Can you please review "The Promised Neverland"

  • commander392

    The inspiration for Domestic Girlfriend

  • PetLoverSpy M.
    PetLoverSpy M.

    “A will they won’t they between the two main siblings” *excuse me what*

  • Troy Wilson
    Troy Wilson

    Lol holy moly the washing machine reference lol

  • oWcHi アーティスト
    oWcHi アーティスト

    “that’s gross, mom”

  • oWcHi アーティスト
    oWcHi アーティスト

    Can you please chill tf out Derek? I get you have teenager hormones or whatever but stop trying to get your step sister pregnant bro.

  • Whatever Dude
    Whatever Dude

    Wow I barely even remember this show lol I forgot it was pretty weird

  • African princess
    African princess

    Why did we watch this?

  • A

    I had the biggest crush on Ashley leggat lol, I used to watch that show all the time lol

  • Brianna Moritz
    Brianna Moritz

    There are so many lowkey x-rated jokes in this video lmao

  • Mik_hail

    I like how almost all his video’s have wut in the thumbnail

  • Emperor DxD
    Emperor DxD

    The ign was real great


    so... to you all step siblings could never get together?? it's not weird if they do wth.


    i don't understand why everyone is so grossed out by the 2 of them. like i guess maybe kids watching the show can start thinking of them as real siblings and could think it's fine if they're together and that's weird but i never thought step siblings couples were gross. especially if they both meet each other when they're in their teens, it's really just a guy u have no blood connection with living with you. like a roommate. i don't understand what's gross about it. it's totally plausible for u to have a crush. i mean yeah your parents are together but who cares parents are always gross whenever they kiss their partner in the kids' eyes. like, who cares ,they're not related, they're step siblingsss. i guess if they met each other at a very young age it'd be more awkward bc that person really feels like your lifelong sibling and friend.

  • Paul Baeza
    Paul Baeza

    Bro wait what’s the name of that computer game I’m having vague memories of it

  • J. Will
    J. Will

    I was convinced no one remember this or Naturally, Sadie because I’ve never heard either show talked about & no one in my school at the time watched either show. At least I have some validation now 😂 Also, Alex should do a video on Naturally, Sadie

  • Josmer Suero
    Josmer Suero

    If any of you find the show a bit weird remember it's not an OG Disney show, it's a syndicated show from Canada ( makes it a bit better )

  • Priyawrat Sharma
    Priyawrat Sharma

    Watches the whole video... My mind :-What's up guys *Derek from more plates more dates .com*

  • K so
    K so

    Did this start the stepbro meme?

  • Khal Drogo23
    Khal Drogo23

    Vancouver?!?! WRONG this took place in London Ontario

  • ChillaxingJay

    I remember watching this a lot passively as a kid and I remember at one point my Mom said she didn't like this show and didn't want me to watch it anymore. Im guessing she saw the bizarre, sexual tension that completely flew over my head. Dude, wtf was Disney thinking when they decided to air this on Disney Channel

  • Reed Webb
    Reed Webb

    This entire video is an R/Holup

  • Aster Lucia
    Aster Lucia

    the character Marty is played by my cousin Ariel.

  • BurntTamales

    child labor laws😂😂 if i told my dad that, i would've got the belt

  • Bistivia

    You should do bridge to Terabithia next

  • Chandan kumar
    Chandan kumar

    Now that I have seen mean girl video. I realised that Easter egg 00:17

  • BLISSfullyCAT

    When even the actors ship it and played into it in their characters you know something was up lol

  • Micah Autisimmons
    Micah Autisimmons

    The washing machine bit made me lightheaded...!😂

  • Marcus Dean
    Marcus Dean

    I was 5

  • erin the egg
    erin the egg

    the way i ATE THIS UP as a child and didn’t realise how weird it was...

  • Dani Cleckley
    Dani Cleckley

    If this was on CW, Derek and Casey would have had sex before the end of the 1st episode...and then again the beginning of the 2nd...and probably 25 more times before the end of the season.

  • Not Peyton
    Not Peyton

    I have a step brother that’s my age and you don’t even know how awful he is and the situation is like it would be rare if someone didn’t yell hey step bro I’m just over here like how original

  • mkultra 1000
    mkultra 1000

    This show invented what are you doing step bro

  • Jeffrey Barker
    Jeffrey Barker

    Please do “Just Add Magic”!

  • nerdy nerd
    nerdy nerd

    If you liked doing this you’d love freeforms the fosters

  • Mister Guyman
    Mister Guyman

    3:13 CORRECTION: They live in London Ontario, it's a poor small town in real life.

  • Tomas Onderco
    Tomas Onderco

    I'm pretty sure they lived in London Ontario and not vancouver

  • brad cha
    brad cha

    this show was so white

  • Youtube Troll
    Youtube Troll

    Hey Mr. Meyers, can you do "Gortimer Gibbons life on normal street" next please, I wanna see what you think


    Best Canadaian Show Is Degrassi

  • Jack The Star
    Jack The Star

    Why have i not seen this show?

  • MewMewChu

    0:17 Is that...Violet Evergarden I saw?

  • Lea Miles
    Lea Miles

    The Babe Rider episode was on a whole other level…

  • phayro ent
    phayro ent

    I still don't understand why kids shows cast 4-5 kids when they know that they'll only focus on the oldest 2 at best. Use that money to make the show slightly less dumb.

  • Monika Sage
    Monika Sage

    This whole video is disturbingly hilarious

  • Deva Pein
    Deva Pein

    the fact i get the washing machine joke means ive literally been exposed... but you went down with me!

  • Kevin T. Solomon
    Kevin T. Solomon

    the images in my head 😂😂😂 NO!! 😂😂😂

  • Lucas Rose
    Lucas Rose

    Life with Derek; knowing what we know now.

  • a n a
    a n a

    8:12 I CAN'T

  • animal crackers in my soup
    animal crackers in my soup

    that's james gillies from murdoch mysteries and he killed several people

  • Meina Medina
    Meina Medina

    Review cruelly please Review cruelly please Review cruelly please Review cruelly please Review cruelly please Review cruelly please

  • ReyTheJediLady ViaJakku
    ReyTheJediLady ViaJakku

    At least they get right to the point 😂

  • everything Disney
    everything Disney

    stepsiblings are not blood relatives, which means that there is no risk of any genetic disorders carrying through them to their children. Step Siblings are legally free to marry each other or date there are no state laws that prohibit marriage.

  • everything Disney
    everything Disney

    I think you’re wrong life with Derek wasnt weird at all! It waa a great show for teens and families . It touched based off how teenagers are suppose to act and just dealing with family and friends as well. I feel this was one of the best shows to exist. The acting was great and caseys mom didnt talk weird lol i have no idea what your thinking. This was a great show , PERIOD!

  • michal iomdin
    michal iomdin

    The amont of s3ggs jokes in this video is bigger than i expected but damn, not disappointed

  • Anton Howell
    Anton Howell

    PLEASE what's the game at 3:05 called? I used to play it a lot as a young guy and I've been trying to remember the name for like half a decade lol

  • Sushiii911

    Okay, what is the game at 3:02?? I feel like I just relived a glimpse of my childhood...

  • Mark Villanueva
    Mark Villanueva


  • Zero Fox
    Zero Fox

    I think you should do Julie and the phantoms, it kinda sucks but the music is good.

  • Berkan Vind Grymta
    Berkan Vind Grymta

    I used to watch this show a lot too, I love this video. You could make a video about the show "Mortified", I remember that show being hell of an experience lol

  • Barbara Bibee
    Barbara Bibee


  • John Kerry
    John Kerry

    We won in a landslide

  • SCA Bois
    SCA Bois

    So basically it’s drake and josh but on Disney

  • TheForever206

    I completely forgot about this show

  • Allison Hart
    Allison Hart

    when the dad said "you spoiled brats! no offense" 😂 that's the kinda mom i wanna be

  • Maia Falck
    Maia Falck

    If this aint Zapped

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