The Hunger Games is kinda dumb

  • Alex Meyers
    Alex Meyers

    Hey I really hope you all enjoyed the video. Doing 2 movies 2 weeks in a row is a lot of work haha. Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS/ANDROID/PC: and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days

    • Edison DiIorio
      Edison DiIorio

      Ok you got me... im addicted to you channel

    • Ponygirl Anna
      Ponygirl Anna

      Ok wow… it’s kinda obvious that you never really understand the story… read the books bevor you make a video like that…

    • Superboy DaGamer
      Superboy DaGamer

      you need to read the books to understand the movie

    • Sus

      @•Sleepi Head• this video was unlisted before published

    • Steven Sturtevant
      Steven Sturtevant

      @Plane Sleet same

  • Stephen Blair Hurst
    Stephen Blair Hurst

    Alex: but with a chin and jaw line like that you know he’s already slaying my heart. Me: sigh he looks like tik toker

  • ObsessedWith AbookSeries
    ObsessedWith AbookSeries

    Hunger games is the only reason I have this pfp and username so uh

  • You shall not pass!
    You shall not pass!

    Did he anywhere point out why the movie is dumb?

  • Milandri Muller
    Milandri Muller

    Please do the other hunger games!!

  • Scotti Brown
    Scotti Brown

    I thought the movies were done really good, although there were some parts of the books that were left out in the films that I think should have been put in. One of my favorite parts is in Book 1, where Katniss gets a gift and it’s bread from District 11 after she gives Rue a burial; in the movie that’s replaced by a riot that happens in District 11.

  • danielsanisgay

    am i the only one that noticed this guy literally posts the same shit its just a different movie/show do you literally hate everything? because your account is hinting it lmao.. not everything is dumb or weird or 'utterly bizarre' its just entertainment for people that like the movie and i came across one of your other videos sayin you kinda like this show or whatever like why are you shocked? dumbest thing in the world bye 😐

  • Canada

    lmao your titling "is kinds dumb"

  • A Wa
    A Wa

    4:02 annoyed the hell out of me. It took all the build up tension in the scene

  • Laxxy._.likeallways

    The hunger games is the best :,^

  • Lil.Oatmeal

    “It’s like I’m watching a FIshows vlog” Pew pew, arrows fired

  • Christopher Vargas
    Christopher Vargas

    The first day of high school: 11:11

  • Colin Flynn
    Colin Flynn

    Noooooooooooooooooooo I agree the movies aren’t great but have you read the books?

  • Jocelyn Ford
    Jocelyn Ford

    Title Edit: The Huger Games Movies Could Be Better

  • Tater Tots
    Tater Tots

    The worldbuilding for the hunger games is so dumb

  • Lucy Lollipops
    Lucy Lollipops

    I am 10 and I just watched it a coupled days ago. I was so confused when the peeps from the council thought that making 12 to 18 year olds fight to the DEATH. BTW I did cry when Rue died sorry for the spoiler OH and the lady with the donut powdered face freaks me out PS: I have a pet rat named Primrose we call her Prim-Prim

  • Hunger Games
    Hunger Games


  • Mariano Mogavero
    Mariano Mogavero

    This is your opinion and I like this movie buts your opinion

  • Niraj Kathayat
    Niraj Kathayat

    its fuckin dumb the whole mocking jay is a emotional fool crying here and there there is no character development

  • European History
    European History

    Still better than Twightlight series.


    This is blasphemy.

  • Jack

    Read the books, skip the films. While some parts of the films are great, some are… weird.

  • The L-' Same
    The L-' Same

    Is it BOY vs GIRL? if it is then he's not completely wrong.

  • Mr. Amphibian
    Mr. Amphibian

    Haymitch is my favorite character I love the part in the book when he gets wasted every chapter.

  • Steven Rathwell
    Steven Rathwell

    hunger games is a lame sci fi rip off of the Greek story of the Minotaur, where every few years children were sent into the labyrinth to try and survive (most got eaten by the Minotaur) it dates back to moloch worship which is about sacrificing children to evil (still going on today- abortions)

  • Joey Adventures
    Joey Adventures

    I just watched the hunger games and it is now one of my favorite movies

  • Layla Moold
    Layla Moold

    I was laughing my head off I love the parts after u show the video

  • Signed_Sky

    Some of this is movie logic ok? audience retention is important.

  • Julia Pizzi
    Julia Pizzi


  • Joe_ Joseph
    Joe_ Joseph


  • Ponygirl Anna
    Ponygirl Anna

    Ok wow… it’s kinda obvious that you never really understand the story… read the books bevor you make a video like that…

  • Aksana Aghakishieva
    Aksana Aghakishieva

    Hunger games if perfect movie and book.

  • One PanDa \._./
    One PanDa \._./

    Grab a chair kiddos I've got a story to tell ya. One time a long time ago, when this movie was available for purchase, little child me was at Walmart with her family. So I begged my parents for this movie and they said yes but then we go to the front and there was one of those Verizon people that tries to get you to buy a phone and my parents decided that they needed a phone for my brother. So we had to put the movie back and I cried an made a huge scene about it and the Verizon person bought me the movie if my parents got the phone plan. Anyways that just shows that I was a brat and the Verizon person was probably desperate and working off of commission.

  • Get_Lost

    *ThAt iS mAhOgNny*

  • Get_Lost

    *PriM* I loved reading the hunger games but I'm sorry. Her screaming Prim makes me laugh my a** off everytime. Its hilarious.

  • Genille Emmanuel
    Genille Emmanuel

    You for wrong for this 10:02🤣🤣🤣💀

  • Peyton Herrick
    Peyton Herrick

    I saw the tittle and immediately disliked

  • Jake-X Whiteboard Cleaner
    Jake-X Whiteboard Cleaner

    "And who could forget everyone's favorite Christmas movie, The Hunger Games!" - Alex Meyers

  • Blue Tasneem
    Blue Tasneem

    Actually the hunger games books are based on that war of Iraq and the usa politics in Iraq, so it is not dump at all.

  • 《•{abby bean}•》
    《•{abby bean}•》

    now I havent watched the movie, only read the book, BUT. I just wanted to mention something I like about the hunger games. i like that the people actually have a really good reason not to rebel. in some books, the people are treated horribly, and yet no one has ever tried to rebel. but in hg, people have tried to rebel, and the result is many many generations being punished for it. it really gives the people a good reason to do nothing about it. I also think it makes what Katniss and peeta do all the more special.

  • John Kenneth Gida
    John Kenneth Gida

    Movies are great but not until you read the book where it was inspired then watch the movie again.

  • HadiTheGoatedGoat


  • Jabberjay

    raid shadow legends is kinda dumb...

  • Eesha Khan
    Eesha Khan

    he skipped the part where katniss got angry at peeta for liking her

  • Tilla Luskas
    Tilla Luskas

    when alex meyers said The hunger games is kinda dumb, suddenly i am not into his kinda dumb movie reviews anymore

    • Gacha_Maya XsyX
      Gacha_Maya XsyX

      @Tilla Luskas did he just- 💀 Damn.. good play tho

    • Tilla Luskas
      Tilla Luskas

      @Gacha_Maya XsyX this was a joke. it's a dumb reason to take this seriously lmfao

    • Gacha_Maya XsyX
      Gacha_Maya XsyX

      That was just a joke if him, it's a dumb reason to not watch him anymore 😂

  • Royalt_Y

    I'm glad I found your channel it is hilarious!

  • dustin massie
    dustin massie

    0:27 China 🇨🇳

  • [Frog Obsessed]
    [Frog Obsessed]

    The movie isnt really like the books. Also shes not supposed to have the bow because its weaponry which is illegal in the districts. Also she uses it for hunting which is also illegal in the books.

  • Caleb Snyder
    Caleb Snyder

    The hunger games is my favourite movie

  • Tina Karapetyan
    Tina Karapetyan

    Alex as Effie: And for the boy tribute uh that one kid from the movie zephuro... Bridge to Terabithia: *seems I've been forgotten*

  • ruby heckles
    ruby heckles

    The hunger games for the capital is like love island for the UK

  • Dynamite Blox
    Dynamite Blox

    I disagree with title, but we all have opinions

  • Calder Bo
    Calder Bo

    Ru's death is so sad

  • Najma Yusuf
    Najma Yusuf

    it would be hard to focus on Katniss's emotions and thoughts in the movies because she is pretty private, also the movies were more about the action so it was a bit unfair to leave that out.

  • Najma Yusuf
    Najma Yusuf

    the books were better but the movies really added to it in my opinion

  • LaylaVlogs

    6:33 why is that high school though

  • LaylaVlogs

    I'm relatively new to this channel so I dont know if you did this already but if you didn't could you do a video on the percy jackson movies?

  • Jenn Lam
    Jenn Lam

    lmfao why did they cast jennifer lawrence. She doesnt even look 16.

  • Charlie Kitten
    Charlie Kitten

    okay not too happy about you bashing one of the series that basically kept me from killing myself in middle school without even acknowledging the books but please, continue.

  • billdozer07

    Rue is cute asf 🥵


    I like how peeta just looks like he’s gonna puke from the part where he gets picked and when hes in the train

  • David Empey
    David Empey

    the scary thing is that america doesn't seem to far off from the hunger games. the normal looking people are treated like trash and the weird looking morons would be like the insane people on twitter but living a more cushy life. the elite already want communism for us so is the hunger games that far off? also the elite want to depopulate us down to 50,000,000 people and in the later part of the hunger games there are.. 7 or so people chosen and one survives? terminator is fairly accurate because that's about a.i. becoming advanced and self aware and using nukes to wipe out humanity and we have both nukes and better a.i. the only thing were missing is a.i. becoming self aware and putting it in charge of our nukes. elon must himself has said what a.i. is capable of scares the hell out of him but yet he keeps working on it making it better

  • chanel henderson
    chanel henderson

    I hated this series because she picked Peeta over that dork over a Hemsworth yea no

  • Emily Wickersham
    Emily Wickersham

    Please do Catching Fire, Mockingjay part 1, and Mockingjay Part 2!

  • nothing here promise
    nothing here promise

    Divergent series

  • nothing here promise
    nothing here promise

    Do divergent series

    • James Burns
      James Burns


  • Nic UnHipNic
    Nic UnHipNic

    I just realized what it sounds like to say effing trinket out loud.

  • Scullcandy49

    Thank you for working hard even when you have a very tight schedule!! I’m always looking forward to watching your videos~

  • Octo B
    Octo B

    the books are great, the movies, not so much

  • maggie the rainwing
    maggie the rainwing

    im actually reading the books and im on the second one and i havent watched any of the movies so im just going to say that for me effie is spot on and i thought gale wouldnt be so vanilla and peeta didint disappoint me enough :)

  • Santiago delgadillo jimenez
    Santiago delgadillo jimenez

    I liked the first one but god, I just couldn't stand the sequels

  • Randy Random
    Randy Random

    Oh yes, the movie made from Minecraft Hunger Games...

  • Eynis Rose Varda
    Eynis Rose Varda

    I realy love the book and the movie, i make the 3 mockingjay birds tatoo from the movie. the tatoo look like the kfc story actually.... Don't ask. u....u

  • Juliet Devenn
    Juliet Devenn

    I have a feeling for some time that you hate most of the shows. I liked your insights on many series and movies, but recently... instead of making interesting not click-baiting titles, you describe them all as trashy under different synonyms. Sorry if I come out rude.

  • okay.everlqrk

    before i start this... if u attack peeta i will cry

  • Fudge Gaming
    Fudge Gaming

    Wait... If you are enby you can't be selected.... *laughs in pangender*

  • Snakes are Freaking Cool If U say otherwise U suck
    Snakes are Freaking Cool If U say otherwise U suck

    I love how everyone in the comment section here is ticked off about this lol, though I agree with most off this

  • 千ㄥㄖ山乇尺匚尺ㄚ丂ㄒ卂ㄥ

    Oh noo don’t burn yourself out 😭

  • Nunya Business
    Nunya Business

    Lol 5:30 ngl my exhusband probably feels exactly this way and to him I say....its amazing what you can accomplish when you're not depressed. Happiness is one hell of a motivator. Sometimes you just gotta accept that it wasn't meant to be.

  • Erica Willis
    Erica Willis

    I hope your schedule has gotten more manageable! Everyone needs down time!

  • mallika acharya
    mallika acharya

    he tryna mess with the wrong fandom-

  • mallika acharya
    mallika acharya

    the title triggered my fight or flight stimuli- now if you don't wanna volunteer yourself as a tribute then don't come for one of the greatest movies and books in the dystopian genre

  • Pickles Niccolls
    Pickles Niccolls

    Do Bella and the bull dogs(it’s um special)

  • Cultured Sims
    Cultured Sims

    Katniss most of all the movies: PeEtA

  • sweet dreams 💓
    sweet dreams 💓

    I think fox face ended her own life with the berries because at the beginning when everyone is showing their talents she's scrolling through all the berries on the big TV thing yes? She comes from the district who sorts through berries and so naturally, well. She would know about which ones u can or can't eat, when she was going through the berries at the beginning during training, the berries that killed her were on the list, which means she knew about them. Since katniss blew up her food supply and the games were coming close to the end and everyone was fitter or stronger and such, she didn't stand much of a chance so she ate the berries knowing they would kill her so she could die somewhat peacefully.

  • Bestrafung

    The movies were fine but the books are a lot better in my opinion. I totally recommend reading the Hunger Games books!

  • Claire Shank
    Claire Shank

    The subtle critique on capitalism in the beginning was so gooddd

  • Rana Elmoatsem
    Rana Elmoatsem

    read the damn books ... stop calling everything dumb for no reason lol

  • Bitty Shottoms
    Bitty Shottoms

    That Nietzsche comment!!! I nearly spat out my mashed potatoes!

  • tirkdiamond

    when you've read the books and know the answers to so many things Alex wonders about...

  • If You Are Dylan O’Brien Pls Marry Me
    If You Are Dylan O’Brien Pls Marry Me


  • Hannah Dane
    Hannah Dane

    A dumb person can't dull figure out what even hunger games is.

  • Kate Lynch
    Kate Lynch

    ‘Hunger Games is kinda dumb’ Yeah, no.

  • Emma Blanchette
    Emma Blanchette

    Yknow, I’m just gonna say this in response to what Alex said about Effey and her strange language and the meaning behind it. I think that Effeys character and the way that the actress utilized her role to be so conflicted and wanting to just protest everything but she feels stuck is so clever and adds a whole new layer to the characters personality.

  • NapierProductions

    I'm sorry you're feeling burnt out. I've had a taste of that and know it's rough. 😔 You do what you gotta do, bud. Self-care is important. 👍🏻

  • Payton Ortiz
    Payton Ortiz

    Well he’s drunk

  • Payton Ortiz
    Payton Ortiz

    Well don’t mock Effie

  • Xzsaerd Sxaderty
    Xzsaerd Sxaderty

    The zealous cut regionally retire because friday prospectively paste round a lackadaisical elbow. vagabond, illustrious father

  • GuacamoleGirl 111
    GuacamoleGirl 111

    “The hunger games is dumb” Oh boy you better hope the odds are ever in your favor because the whole fandom has it out for ya now

  • Polaris Firefly
    Polaris Firefly

    I loved these books but then the movies just left out the redhead-avox and so much other things… [big spoiler from Book3 below] they cut out so much that I reread the books to make sure Prim died.